Feb. 13th, 2017 10:47 pm
[personal profile] tirinian
Work is on fire, but hopefully I can get it put out in the next couple of weeks. Gym is a disaster. Diet is... ok, but losing ground. Ankle hurts. Blah.

Other stuff:
Tuesday: Auria! Spring putternig before the campaign season starts. Played with balloons, and looked at rituals, and various other things.
Wednesday: Cabaret, with Broadway in Boston mob. It was a fine production of a show I like, if a little on-the-nose for the current political situation. And the Emcee played the young kid on the American QaF, so that was amusing, too.
Thursday: Killbot's run. We finished our initial run through the sewers under the city. Find out new mission next time.
Friday: Intercon! Playing Team Archeology's boffer playtest game. It was an interesting world, and a playable if not inherently intriguing system, but as a game it suffered some from being a set up for later games, so the big-issues were mostly not resolveable in game time.
Saturday: More Intercon! Cracks in the Orb, a dinner party in the Jhereg universe, during approximately the Phoenix Guard era. I was the Issola butler, very Jeeves-esque, and had fun trying to keep the party running as a Party while everyone else tried to do their plots. Then in the evening I got added to All Stories Are True, a game in the Name of the Wind universe (which I haven't read), but I was amnesiac, so it was ok I didn't know anything. Game was fun, but the mechanics were way more "see a GM" than the guild would accept. Then stopped by Omoira's birthday party briefly before crashing.
Sunday: Ankle was failing and storm was coming, so skipped Iron GM and came back to Boston, spending the afternoon at work and then having dinner with Killbot.
Monday: Seafall. Kind of a stalling game, as we spent a while trying to figure out what one does after the last box we opened.
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