tirinian ([personal profile] tirinian) wrote2017-02-07 12:42 am

As the World Burns...

(At least a triple reference in the title, which is pretty good, right?)

Finished the ten-day, which was most of last week. I was K9Mk1, on teams "friends of the doctor" (social group dedicated to generic good guying), "go robots!", "One Gallifrey" (in the new universe we were settling as Gallifrey got kicked out of time to end the time war there were options for 1 Gallifrey, Gallifrey+Colonies, and 2+ Gallifreys. I thought multiple Gallifreys would go to war and it wouldn't matter how the Dalek's did. We got a Gallifrey and a colony, but the colony was really big. But fortunately, there's no post-game, and team Gallifrey+Colonies might have been right that was more stable), and "Rassilon's Mind Shards" (Trying to collect the whole set in one person to recreate Rassilon, the insane, super powerful, founder of the time lords). Got two copies of a complete Rassilon across, although they weren't in as good a position of power as we'd hoped. And I got a government post for myself as Minister of Robotics, and several nice toys and helped get the War Score up to "just barely an even fight" levels. So it mostly went ok, and was fun.

But I got no sleep and that was bad, and work was a disaster ("fortunately" there still aren't any deadlines, but that can't last forever), and the gym failed miserably (although the game included lots of walking all over campus, sufficient to give me blisters, woo).

And then there's Trump.

(No calling out specific nights this time, it was all the ten-day except for tonight, when I bailed on my tabletop and just putzed at home.)

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