Sep. 4th, 2017

Work has been quiet and slow, but I don't feel super behind. Gym has been... better than for a while, which is not good, but at least it's on an upswing again. Although it means Ankle is getting cranky, sigh. Diet has been a disaster for the last two weeks, will try to get it under control again. Have finished with Civ VI for now, I think, and am trying a new 4X game, Stellaris, that Germany gave me. So far I think it's a little too slow, but we'll see. Other stuff:

Two Mondays Ago: Torino was canceled because Jelom and twe were out of town for the eclipse ... not sure I did anything? It was a long time ago.
Last Tuesday: Auria! Having agreed to take a vampire along on campaign, we spent a little time spying on what campaign might be about and getting to know our vampire. Sigh. Campaign starts for real tomorrow.
Last Wednesday: New Massage subject, the Otter, came over.
Last Thursday: Dunkirk, with brilit. We both agreed it was quite a good movie that wasn't really our genre. Call it 9 days of game before getting killed by Nazi's, if you're into that sort of thing, which I wasn't really.
Last Friday: Went and hung out with Killbot and prepped for my new Threshold Face NPC.
Last Saturday: Threshold! I continue to be quite impressed with how much fun it is to NPC for them. Plus 1 day campaign LARP in a hotel! Awesomeness abounds!
Last Sunday: Dragon mini-run, exploring the Steppes. We checked off all of Xiao Fa's homework, so hopefully he can design a working now. Then Chicken (with special not-chicken prepared by ilhander instead), but I skipped out before TV 'cause wasn't feeling great.
Last Monday: Finished Seafall! Yay! It is just not as good as Pandemic Legacy, but I think we were particularly put out because there were N (~5?) extra games we played that just dragged because we didn't realize we'd already done the thing that is supposed to trigger the next step. Which meant when we did actually trigger the last step, it was over pretty quick, 'cause we'd done all the side quests. Call it 6.5 days of game, would have been more like 7.5 if it had been a three-day. Also played a quick round of The Captain Is Dead.
Tuesday: Auria was canceled due to kid performances or something, so instead it was deving my Auria character at Tedlandia and Season 7, ep. 4 of GoT.
Wednesday: Dragon mini-run, exploring the Strand. We multiplied our knowledge of the Strand from epsilon to at least 2 or 3 epsilon, and made a bunch of solid progress on Shuyan's personal quest-from-Crane.
Thursday: Warhammer RPG. We went on a second supply run, and did discover some things, which we should try and report to the Lepoard Knight next run.
Friday: The rest of Season 7 of GoT at twe's place. There were several bits I quite liked, and some bits it was good to see finally happen, and some bits that surprised me. I am not quite as blown away by it in general as the world seems to be, but it's a solid show and I'm glad it's finally giving an ending to the story, if not quite the one from the books.
Saturday: 4th of July BBQ at Omoira's place in Worcester. Was there for a long time and spend a bunch of it reading, but managed to be moderately social with the threshold/XO people I barely know as well as the WW people I do know when I wasn't reading, so that was good.
Sunday: Labor Day BBQ at brilit's, where I mostly knew everybody, and managed to be social for a while, and then retreated to the basement to read, and then played games with the kids. Then went home and played The Captain is Dead with algorithmancy (who was visiting) and Jelom, neither of whom had played it before, and mjperson and harrock, who had. It was a wacky game, as the two newbies showed us how terrifying the scholar/telepath combo can be. I was right that the diplomat was useless, though. Sigh.
Monday: Rome GM meeting to mess with the Wargame mechanic at Planet X, then Torino, with algorithmancy and ilhander special guest starring. Mostly got an explanation of Wild Talents, but ended with a clue to the Captain's sickness.



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