Guild Game!

Dec. 6th, 2016 01:06 am
Work continues to drag some. I'm doing enough my bosses don't seem to be upset, but not really a lot. Diet is... iffy. Mostly failed at gym again, as my ankles are still pretty unhappy. Wrist PT is still irritatingly slow. It's mostly functional day-to-day, but not so good at several things that I'd like it to be good at that only comes up every few days at most, but I don't remember to do the exercises for that when it's not bothering me regularly. Other stuff:

Monday: Torino! Went and talked to the God of the Dryads, who gave us a bunch of interesting world cosmology stuff.
Tuesday: Auria! Fall puttering as we zipped through several months between Summer Campaign and Winter Solstice.
Wednesday: I feel like there was something, but I'm not remembering what... any help? Actually, maybe it was just buying comics and getting dinner at H^2.
Thursday: Office Party for the building, which went reasonably well, if overstocked with food because we only got 30-ish people instead of 50-ish. But 50-ish would really have been too crowded, so that was ok.
Friday-Sunday: Agua Dulce, a Guild 3-day Post-Apocalyptic Western. I had a lot of fun, as it was pretty old school and full of old players that I like playing with. I think it was like 9 frosh and 30 cruft, or something like that. (Not quite literally true, there were at least a couple of sophmores, but... close.) [ profile] lionofgod was my opposite number in a different megacorp, and a delight to do business with, and we tried to be gentle with the poor frosh who was supposed to be negotiating with the two of us. (I don't think we actually mistreated them, but there were more than one occasion where we looked at each other and then gave a quick "no, no, this is how games work, dear" lesson during our three way negotiations. Fortunately they seemed pleased rather than offended by that.) I got about half of my plots done, and my teammates got about half of my plots done for me, so that all worked out ok, although the fact they went missing for the final day of game (disappearing into the tunnels at the start of Sunday game time and not reappearing until wrapup) seriously warped how Sunday went. But mostly in an amusing way, so that was good in the end. And Germanychen showed up from California to play, so that was cool.
Monday: First two real games of Seafall, ending with opening the first Box. I'm in last (sniff), but there's only four points difference so far, so we'll see how that goes. It feels to me like it has more replay value than Pandemic Legacy, in that many of the things are choices, and it would be interesting to see them go the other way. We'll see if I still feel that way come the end.
Still haven't written up something about politics. Becoming less likely I will, I suppose. We'll see. Work was slow, but only three days of it, and I pretty much entirely blew it off for the weekend. I am not yet really behind on anything, but the big projects with short deadlines are going to pile up quickly if I don't start knocking some off. Diet was better, and started cardio at the gym again - not sure if it's making my ankle worse or not, it's hard to tell on a one-week scale. Wrist is not where I want it to be yet, but still getting better, if slowly. Other stuff:

Monday: Started Seafall with Killbot and (did I call him Dyrus or Barty before?). The Prologue isn't really a game, but we puttered at it, and will play the first actual game a week from tomorrow.
Tuesday: Auria! Finished up the Xianese summer campaign, having achieved our goal. We might be back next summer, depending on how things shape up on our side of the world.
Wednesday: Don't think there was anything?
Thursday: Turkey Day! Lots of people came over and we hung out and there was yummy food, yay!
Friday: Not-Justom came over for a massage, then Arrival with Doc Greg at the Somerville, which was a reasonably amusing movie, but not as amazing as people had suggested. Call it 8 days of game before getting to the end of the mechanics and finding out that doesn't really win you your plot. Then video games at ... hmm. ironrat's kid's place? Surely he has some other name... parkour boy? I dunno.
Saturday: Gym and lunch with Killbot, then Conflux (again!). Discussion with the flower dragon about Summer's secret backstory as a bad guy, which made us less keen on our Quentin-y overlord again.
Sunday: Gym with Killbot after lunch without Killbot, then hanging out at Tedlandia and watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Which probably already got a review the first time I saw it, but is reasonably good rewatching, although not quite as fun, I think.
Well, I stalled last week's post because I wanted to say something about politics but hadn't figured out what until now it's a week late. I still want to say something about politics and don't know what, but suppose that will have to wait until I do figure out what to say. In the meantime, things I've done:

Last Tuesday: Election Night. Dev'd at Tedlandia, then watched returns for a while with [ profile] mjperson until that got too depressing, then went to the party Killbot was watching to collect a hug and give some comfort, and then went to bed and ignored the results until morning.
Last Wednesday: Bought comics, Killbot swung by late for more hugs.
Last Thursday: Killbot's birthday party. 25, woo! Played Battlestar Galactica, but there weren't any Cylons until mid-game and when they did show up, they were the new players, so humans won pretty easily.
Last Friday: Took the day off. Board games at the Police Chief's.
Last Saturday: Conflux, in which we mostly finished up solving the goofy Narnia plots, so next run we can go fight monsters at Cair Paravel. Then the Teacher's housewarming party, which I was pretty anti-social at, but it was good to see a few people anyway.
Last Sunday: Not much until late afternoon. Gave Killbot a short massage as a test for my wrist, then wandered over to Tedlandia for dinner and tv.
Monday: Torino! Fighting off a Demon attack on the munitions factory, mostly.
Tuesday: Auria! Investigating the next two provinces we need to take over, and taking out the first of them.
Wednesday: MACDL (work thing) dinner.
Thursday: PLS (different work thing) dinner, followed by ice cream with [ profile] laura47.
Friday: Character Generation for killbot's new tabletop.
Saturday: Fireworksboi came over for a massage, then Dr. Strange with [ profile] brilit. It was a solid super hero movie, call it 8.5 days of game before getting killed by the demon summoning cult. I don't really have much more to say about it, if you like the Marvel movies generally, you'll probably like this one.
Sunday: Lunch with Killbot and making him help me get my air conditioner out of the window, just in time for tonight's first snowfall. Dinner and tv at Tedlandia.
Work is still slow. PT is going ok, started back at the gym, slightly. Ankles are... doing something different? The new orthotics does seem to be having some effect, but not "It's ok now." I'll give it a while longer and see how that goes. Have not started paying attention to my diet again, but probably do that after the splint (hopefully) comes off next week. Still nervous about the election. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria! First step in the reconquest of this bit of Xian went reasonably smoothly.
Wednesday: Had to be home at 7 for Intercon signups. Don't think I went out again after, but don't remember for sure. Oh, maybe I just went to Flatbread Pizza for dinner?
Thursday: Mom and Dad showed up, we had dinner at S&S.
Friday: Dinner with Mom and Dad and [ profile] firstfrost and [ profile] harrock and Killbot, at Midwest Grill.
Saturday: Ice Cream at Tosci's with [ profile] dr_tectonic and his guy. Then Sis and her family showed up to join Mom and Dad, and hung out with them until the kids went to sleep, then swung by [ profile] laura47's for Catgirl Goth Rave, although I mostly stayed away from the rave part.
Sunday: More family time, including the Pokemon Park near Davis and the kids visiting my place to raid the game stash before going back to their AirBnB.
Monday: Family came downtown for lunch at Bertucci's during work, and then hung out with them for dinner/board games.
Sigh. Nervous about the election. Can it be over yet?

Work fell from slow to non-existent Friday, but I did do some over the weekend that got it back up to slow, and today was only slow, so hopefully non-existent was a temporary blip. Went to the doctor today for a checkup and got a flu shot, weighed in heavier than... possibly ever. Sigh. Still Officially Not Dieting until the wrist is good, though. Did start trying to do a little exercise again last week, though.

Wednesday: Warrior Class, at Lyric Stage. It was quite well done, although it didn't quite have a point of view, I felt like. Three characters in a dance, but it's not clear who if anyone is the villain (it's pretty clear none of them are the hero). Questions about whether we can grow and change, or not. Call it 8.5 days of game before getting out maneuvered for the prize.
Thursday: The Accountant, at the Somerville, with the MBA and the Gladhander. A quite good not-quite-super-hero action movie, I thought. I can't really comment on how the Asperger's stuff was handled, but it didn't seem disrespectful to me, if possibly cliche. And at least one reveal that surprised me (in a movie with several, admittedly), so that was nice. 9 days of game before breaking cover to save someone who doesn't know they're a target yet.
Friday: Comic books and party at Killbot's place. With special guest star [ profile] maverickseraph!
Saturday: Massage downtown, then a bit of work, then [ profile] brilit's birthday dinner for a while before Dale's All Male Yardsale with Fireworks boy because I knew a performer (2, as it turned out), then Germany's Halloween party.
Sunday: Politics Brunch at [ profile] shumashi's, followed by voting, and dinner at Tedlandia in the evening with some iZombie and some work.
Monday: Torino was canceled due to Halloween, so not much. Should try and do some reading for work, and turn in early.
Work has been... not a total disaster, but about half speed, for quite some time (weeks), and I need to fix that. And much of the stuff I *have* gotten done has turned out to be pointless. Sigh. Having some weekend time to catch up, and having some more deadlines, would probably help. The first of those is coming, we'll see what happens with the second. Gym is still mostly off line, although I started PT yesterday, so hopefully I'll get back to at least some gym soon, and I'm mostly holding off on diet stuff until I see a Nutritionist in November sometime. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria was canceled. Hung out at Killbot's talking about Witchwood for a while instead.
Wednesday: Went over to [ profile] brilit's place to play Sentinals and watch the debate, so I have seen one debate now, and have defeated one villain on Advanced (admittedly only a 2).
Thursday: Bought comics and then VBL, the WW version.
Friday: Last minute dinner with Killbot.
Saturday: Dragon Run! Night of Gates, where we were co-opted by Aku in his plan to mess with Toro. Sigh. Then [ profile] desireearmfeldt's pot luck until I fell asleep.
Sunday: Blade Run! End of Season 1, as we successfully defended the town against the invaders, and revealed the dastardly evil of the heir to the (now prior) daimyo. Then to [ profile] baniszew's birthday party, which I left before falling asleep in order to finish my XOver PEL (instead of updating LJ).
Monday: Night off, yay! Mostly puttered about, and blitzed a new webcomic Killbot was recommending, Erma (about scary-ghost-girl-kid).
Tuesday: Auria! Puttering about advancing plans to become gods, and then planning for the attack on the bad guys during campaign season in Xian.


Oct. 18th, 2016 12:53 am
Well, traded in the cast for a splint, the laryngitis is gone, and the ankle wasn't as upset by WW as it was by Xover, although I suspect part of that is that WW fights don't involve as much standing for as long. Cold is... kinda-sorta-hanging-about? Not really all the way there, but not nothing, either. Work was not a failure, but definitely slowly plugging away at things, rather than working at full speed. Gym is still off, although hopefully will start up again at least a little in another week or so. Diet is a disaster. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria. Went and investigated Jiao's old Monastery. Looks like we may spend campaign season in Xian this year.
Wednesday: Sunday in the Park with George, at the Huntington with Killbot. I quite liked it. I felt like they pulled off the second act better than I have seen it before, when I often felt like it was a weird add on to a pretty coherent first act. This time it felt more like a continued meditation on a similar theme, if still sort-of-unrelated. Nine days of game, before dying of old age.
Thursday: Bought comic books, then fell asleep on the sofa instead of doing my Xover PEL, so now I have to do both of them this week, hopefully.
Friday-Sunday: Witchwood! Mehlani's second event, and likely his last. I've discovered I do enjoy fighting more than I had expected, now that I have a fighting-capable character, but I miss being able to play the info-game well. I let him ease into having more-context than he really should have had for some conversations, because I didn't want to play dumb in them. If I'm going to do that to have fun, I should just bring Scott back, so I probably will, come Spring. Rode up and back (plus meals) with Zelai, which was the longest I've spent talking to just him, and that was fun.
Monday: Torino! Mostly puttering at the drug dealing plot, plus meeting a weird Chinese doctor, and a couple of moments of Bellis backstory that were weird.
So my status report to zephyr this morning was approximately "Can't talk, can't walk, cold is coming still, arm still in a cast." After spending all day sleeping (I got up about twelve, and have taken two ~3 hour naps since then), I can mostly walk although my ankle's still sore, and I think the "cold" is really just part of the laryngitis. And the cast comes off tomorrow, hopefully.

Work was slow but not a disaster last week.

Other stuff:
Monday: Torino. Got rid of Urda, woo!
Tuesday: Auria. Stopped the Teleporting Craziness plan the bad guys were working on.
Wednesday: Night Out, organized by [ profile] brilit.
Thursday: Think it was just packing for Xover? No, I didn't get in until latish, so there must have been something else... Oh, right, Magnificent Seven with the MBA at the Somerville. It's a very Western Western, with lots of staring each other down before the shooting starts, but it's well done. Call it 8.5 days of game before going down in a shootout.
Friday-Sunday: Crossover. At which Fourfold Brother continues to have the problem he's trying to be a priest in a world that expects Paladins, but it was fun. If I get an Epic point, perhaps I can power up the Priest-y-ness.
Today: Just sleeping.
Apparently after a long dry spell, it's time for more theater again. Work was... slow but ok, gym is still on hold. Arm is not super annoying at this point. Still, I was kinda slow/tired/irritated all week. Maybe I was secretly fighting off [ profile] firstfrost's cold or something.

Monday: Hmm. I'm pretty sure there was something, but I'm failing to remember it. Anyone? Maybe it was just "avoiding the debate," 'cause I'm just not up for watching politics at this point.
Tuesday: Auria! Mostly planning for taking out the bad guys. Hopefully the plan is assembled and next time we jump them.
Wednesday: Company, at Lyric Stage. It was ... ok. I still like most of the songs, but the show as a whole just felt much more dated than the last time I saw it (which I think was the time with [ profile] skuffle at whatever the company that does things in the Central Square Y is). There was nothing *wrong* with it, it just didn't work for me as well as it has in the past. Call it 6.5 days of game before deciding it was too Old Skool to bother. Dinner before hand with Killbot was good, I quite like Flour.
Thursday: Came home and collapsed early-ish.
Friday: Went to [ profile] desireearmfeldt's show at theater at first. It was well done, and I particularly liked the main actress, but... at root it's a show about a queer bashing, and I didn't really need that so much. Call it eight days of a game that wasn't my genre.
Saturday: [ profile] shumashi's birthday party. Which was fine, but I never quite feel comfortable at those parties for some reason. I think the ratio of people I Just Don't Know is just a little too high.
Sunday: Lunch and hanging out with the Gladhander, then over to the Police Chief's for D&D. A trial by combat, 7 on 7, which was fun but a little long, and then a classic "the party is divided and fighting itself in illusions" combat.
Punted on going to NYC to see my cousins this weekend because of my cast. Oh well. Work was also poor, and gym and diet are officially abandoned until it comes off.

Monday: Torino - random foght with gremlins, and then investigating Urda and the Senators more.
Tuesday: Auria - more investigations of the Darian battle plan for next year.
Wednesday: Crashed early.
Thursday: Went over to [ profile] brilit's, got read to by M and then played Sentinals and watched the first episode of Designated Survivor.
Friday: Went to Zelai's show in H^2. Five ten minute one-acts, he was the boyfriend in two of them, and pretty good. My favorite was the first which was a monologue from a junior high teacher losing it in front of the class that he wasn't in, though.
Saturday: Dragon Run, vs Mondo's missing ninja, and then Reawakening on 5E, where people signed my cast and drew Krotus on it.
Sunday: Pretended to work for a while, then [ profile] firstfrost's birthday tacos at Tedlandia, and iZombie episodes.
Fractured my wrist last weekend, which makes everything slow, so I'm behind at work, and not going to the gym while I'm in a cast. It generates a weird double standard of wanting to do everything myself and wanting people to see I'm injured and offer help. I did have a really nice moment the first day in the cast-and-sling when I walked past a woman who was also in a cast and we just sort of looked at each other for a minute and then both started laughing.

Last Tuesday: Auria! Phil talked to Edrick again, and some puttering.
Last Wednesday: Packing, mostly.
Last Thursday: In Newport for the annual office retreat. I mostly napped on the sofa, and missed doing much else.
Last Weekend: Witchwood! First weekend as Mahlani, my new wizard character. Being a fighter was fun for a bit, but then I hurt my arm and it was less fun, and I bailed on Sunday entirely. Tacos at Tedlandia Sunday night.
Monday: Conflux! Convinced the dueling otters to have paint ball fights instead of real ones, and started investigating the Beavers.
Tuesday: Auria! Into Daria, where we wound up investigating a new order of mages.
Wednesday: Comics and costume stuff, I think.
Thursday: Ice cream with Killbot, nothing else I can think of.
This weekend: Crossover! Turns out a cast doesn't really hinder playing a healer much. At least no more than it hinders getting around day to day. My ankle was acting up, though. I'm not sure how well the world supports a pacifist character, but we'll see.
Work was ok last week, as was gym, although neither was great. Diet was poor, and fell apart entirely this weekend, and maybe I should just give up pretending I'm still on diet, sigh.

Tuesday: Auria! Solstice Court, which mostly went well, and was partly "Phil's hazing ritual". At least the other gods seem to think Edrick's in the wrong here, so hopefully it'll get sorted out.
Wednesday: Craft Supply shopping and dinner with Killbot.
Thursday: Hanging out at Killbot's for a while.
Friday: Hanging out with [ profile] brilit. Went to Suicide Squad at the Boston Common. It's sad that place is less cool now than it used to be, 'cause it's still the closest theater to my office. (In that newer places are cooler, not in that it has deteriorated in quality itself.) The movie was fine, but not great, as the DC movies seem to be in general. They are mostly trying to stick DC paint over "generic action movie", and it's... ok. Call it 7 days of game before having its head exploded by a cortex bomb.
Saturday: Got a massage, then failed to do any work, then to the Police Chief's for run four of his D&D game, which went pretty late.
Sunday: Did minimal crafting in the morning, then went to brilit's BBQ, which was fun, then went by the office and at least did the paperwork I promised to have finished by tomorrow, if not the work I should have done.
Monday: BBQ/Housewarming at [ profile] twe's new place, then Torino run. We solved a murder mystery that had been hanging out in the background for a while, and identified a concerning trend of "alchemist drives guildmaster crazy" that... we don't really understand the purpose of yet, but there you go.
Let's see, Work was ok, but not great, and I built up some debt that's going to be hard to pay off given the number of weekends I'm out of town the next two months. Gym was the best it's been in months, which given how poor it was is kind of horrifying. Diet was abandoned, we'll see if I go back to it, as Germany seems to have settled on [ profile] ironrat as his motivation for now.

Monday: Not much. Dragged Killbot over for a bit and grabbed dinner together.
Tuesday: Auria! Puttering before Solstice Court, mostly conversations with various gods about whether we can do the next level of godhood rituals.
Wednesday: I don't think there was anything? Maybe comics...
Thursday: [ profile] brilit canceled on me to work, so nothing there, either.
Friday: Flew down to DC. Dinner with ironrat and his guy and the English Prof. and the Doctor.
Saturday: Out to Silver Spring to hang out with ironrat and his guy and [ profile] gotspit and his wife and kid, and the third of the ironrat/gotspit/etc. trio, who I don't think I've given a nickname? Mostly relaxed lying about reading and snacking, but a nice afternoon. Then back into town and post-dinner-drinks with the Computational Linguist and his girlfriend, who I hadn't met before.
Sunday: Brunch with the Instrumentologist and family in Bethesda, then hanging out with Sis and family at home. Played lots of games with ETchild, didn't spend as much time with the younger two as might have been nice, although they're more independent, despite being younger. Then flight was stupid-late getting back to Boston, but oh well.
Monday: Board games and pizza at Killbot's, with a group I mostly don't know.
Well, I woke up Monday with an annoying cold, and the week was mostly a disaster. Work flailed about a lot, and we'll see how the thing due tomorrow winds up when I have to file it at 5 pm. :-(
Gym got skipped, diet... mostly only happened in that I skipped a lot of dinners by dint of coming home and not wanting to deal. I'm mostly over it now except for an annoying cough, although I still seem to be tired/dragging a lot.

Monday: Conflux! Continuing the fast-time-shadow-puttering. We did get that the story requires Summer to talk to the dragon, which is possibly actually plot relevant to the rest of the game, instead of Connor's private "take over the mini-world" plot. But we're getting eps and training for Alpha, so let's see how it goes. Apparently gave [ profile] ilhander my cold, oops.
Tuesday: Auria canceled 'cause [ profile] greyautumnrain was out of town. Think I just went to bed early, sick.
Wednesday: Also didn't do anything.
Thursday: Canceled the sophisticate's massage. Bought comics. Skipped Killbot's dinner plan.
Friday: Dragon Mini-run, with Jelom and [ profile] chenoameg. Mostly puttering along in the Dragon's Throne, letting Merit do the talking while Kasumi and I tagged along, except when Kasumi needed to steal the thing, which she went off and did.
Saturday: Went to the office for a while, but failed to do much of anything useful. Evening was the Police Chief's D&D run, which continues to be amusing.
Sunday: Went to a little Ren Faire (*VERY* little) at the FI campground with Killbot and some other people, bought a bunch of stuff mostly for new WW character, a little for crossover character. Now to go to bed early and see if I can force myself to do any of the work I brought home, so tomorrow isn't a *total* disaster.
Back on at least kind of a diet. Made it to the gym once. Work was busy but reasonably productive (although tomorrow's deadline really needs to get pushed back, we'll see how that goes). Other stuff:

Monday: Not-justom came over for a massage followed by ice cream.
Tuesday: Auria! We finally got to the Elven isles to shop, and reported on Nefarious Drow Plans to the authorities there.
Wednesday: Went over to Germany's to hang out for a while.
Thursday: Crashed in a little puddle early.
Friday: 1776 at MIT (G&SP), with [ profile] desireearmfeldt's mob. It was a solid production, wildly cross-cast, but I thought all three stars (Adams/Jefferson/Franklin) did a good job. Dickenson was also strong, although I was disappointed with Rutledge (they did ok in general, but they have my single favorite song in the show, and weren't quite up to it).
Saturday: Witchwood Revels, where I won a few loots for my new character as part of the winning Trivia team, and then the second run of the Police Chief's D&D game, where we explored our first dungeon.
Sunday: Ran another session of the Five Bad Band D&D 3.5 game that I started... three years ago, and have had four runs of now? We'll try and do the next one in November or December.
Diet was officially abandoned this week, but Germany and I are starting again next week, for serious. Gym was only "tagging the gym door", but I guess that's better than last week. Work was ok, but not impressive. Other stuff:

Monday: Hanging out at Tedlandia, deving Auria characters.
Tuesday: Auria! Found the corpse of [ profile] desireearmfeldt's old character, from before I joined the run, and inherited her "hunt for the Drow" plot.
Wednesday: Board games at [ profile] laura47's place. Tried Stuff and Nonsense, which I hadn't played before. The shtick is you're all "adventurers" in 1890's-ish London, who don't ever actually leave London, you just buy stuff around town and then make up a story to tell at the adventurer's club based on your stuff. It's an interesting mechanic with nice color, but I don't think it's got a lot of replay value.
Thursday: Don't think I had a plan?
Friday: Ghostbusters, with Germany, at the Capital. I am realizing that I seem to be doing a lot more movies and a lot less theater the past year or so, and am not quite sure what's up with that. I suppose I don't really mind, and movies are easier and cheaper to schedule, so there's that. Anyway, I quite liked it. It was funny and self aware with nice call-backs to the original while not trying to be the same movie in any way. I actually think it improved on the original in several ways, as it was more "laugh with" and less "laugh at" the techies. Call it 9 days of game before being killed by a ghost-pocalypse.
Saturday: Lunch with Killbot, then games shopping with him. Then goofed off for a bit, then went to Boda Borg with Killbot, his GF, and Germany. It's... not exactly an escape room place, as the rooms are basically one puzzle per room (usually in a sequence of 2-3 rooms), and you get a couple minutes to do them or fail out, and they're designed for teams of 3 rather than many (having four never hurt us, but there were several that you couldn't have done as less than a three person team), but it's that general idea. The sequences (called "Quests") come in "thinky," "physical" and "inbetween" categories. In three+ hours we beat three sequences (two thinky and one inbetween), and got part way through two others. Between my ankle and Germany's thrown out back, we didn't even try any of the "physical" ones, but I suspect even if my ankle was in great shape, I wouldn't really be able to do them. Also ran into two other groups who were there who included people we knew, which was really random. I'd definitely go back and try the ones we didn't get to, and see if we can finish the ones we only started.
Sunday: Went to the office and flailed about, kinda doing work.
Gym was a failure and diet wasn't good, but work went pretty well. Other stuff:

Monday: Hmm. It was supposed to be hanging out with Germany, but he hurt his back and couldn't. Was there something that replaced that? Not that I can remember.
Tuesday: Poor Linden's shopping trip to the Elven Isles got derailed into going and looking for Lioslieth(sp?) in some terrible forest in the Senyets.
Wednesday: Ice cream and a tour of his new house with [ profile] dcltdw.
Thursday: Daredevil came over for a massage.
Friday: Comics? Anything else?
Saturday: The Police Chief had the first run of his new D&D game, with [ profile] russalka and Killbot and The Police Chief's Brother and his Brother's GF. Then went by... Jolly, I guess? Have I used an alias for him before? We'll go with Jolly...'s house for a belated wedding reception.
Sunday: Lounging and Working at Killbot's in the afternoon, TV at Tedlandia in the evening.

Busy Week

Jul. 24th, 2016 10:52 pm
Gym failed entirely. Diet failed mostly-entirely. Work required an all-nighter, but did not fail. Other stuff:

Monday: Hmm. If there was a plan, I don't remember what it was.
Tuesday: Auria! More vampire investigations, the most interesting result of which was "Zalin is the result of some Drow experiment." Our current theory is maybe Livianka is not actually god level yet, and wants to steal Zalin's thing of coming back to real-life instead of Vampire-Life, so she can A) grow older and B) reach godhood?
Wednesday: Dinner and Ant-Man movie with [ profile] brilit. Ant-Man was fun, but too much origin/training montage, not enough plot. Call it 7.5 days of game before being stepped on.
Thursday: All-nighter at work.
Friday: Comics and crashing (a little) early.
Saturday: Brunch with Imit, ice cream birthday party for [ profile] desireearmfeldt and [ profile] nuclearpolymer, and party at [ profile] laura47's place.
Sunday: Duck Tour with brilit and family, which I'd never done before and was fun, then Star Trek Beyond with Dr. Kye's mob. I think it got the Kirk/Spock/McCoy interactions down better than the previous reboot movies did, so that was good, and the science-y flaws were at least *different* from the "I have no idea how big space is" ones of JJ Abrams, and it was fun over all. Call it 8 days of game before getting killed by the McGuffin-Weapon. Then over to Tedlandia for some Keep Talking.
In the "up too late" sense, rather than the "days late" sense. I've been sleeping poorly, and yet still having trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour. :-/
Work has been ok, but not great. Gym remains in a holding pattern, but the MRI for my ankle is this week, and back to the specialist next week, so hopefully that will result in something. The diet Germany had me agree to about a month ago went totally out the window on Thursday, but I'll try to get back on it tomorrow.

Other stuff:

Monday: Went by Germany's to borrow armor for a new WW character, then Torino, at our place. The wackiest Torino run I remember, as we ran into a plot to practically literally do the "monkeys at typewriters recreating Shakespeare" thing, run by someone on Crazy Drugs. We freed the kidnapped copy editors and killed most of the trained monsters that were subbing in for the monkeys, but only after doing some serious double takes.
Tuesday: Auria was canceled due to excessive illness. Killbot came over for a bit. We might have gotten dinner, but I don't think so?
Wednesday: Evening with [ profile] brilit was canceled due to illness. Think I just bought comics and crashed early.
Thursday: Don't think anything was canceled, but don't think I did much?
Friday: Killbot came over and we played Awful Green Things, in a serious blast from the past, 'cause he'd never played it. It's still goofy and darn random, but isn't actually all that bad for a two player game.
Saturday: Tried to work for a while, then went to Killbot's for tea and Bang! I'm not super fond of Bang, really, probably because I think people tend to put too much emphasis on not-being-figured-out, but other people had fun, and I talked to the Police Chief about the new D&D game he's thinking about starting.
Sunday: Tried to work for a while, then went to ... The Gentleman Assassin? [ profile] ironrat's kid? I'm sure he's had a nickname in the past, but I don't know what it was... anyway, his birthday party, which was a Mad Max Burlesque show at Oberon. It was ok, but Burlesque isn't really my thing.
Work was moderately productive through Wednesday, at which point I finished my last deadline until next Friday and promptly stopped working seriously again. I was the only lawyer in the office on Friday, though, so I don't feel too bad about not working very seriously then. Gym failed entirely, but I did get to a specialist about my ankle, who scheduled me for an MRI in a couple weeks, so maybe that plot will actually see some progress soon. Other stuff:

Monday: Fireworks! Ran into fireworksboy, [ profile] dcltdw and [ profile] nuclearpolymer and hung out with them. An awesome show as always, although I found the fireworks being launched from Harvard bridge rather than the barge more distracting than anything. I suspect they're really cool from the Hatchshell, as they form a low-to-the-river backdrop for the higher fireworks from the barge, but from in front of Walker they're this weird thing happening off to the side that you miss the main show if you turn to look at.
Tuesday: Auria! Disposed of the Evil Zombie Cauldron uneventfully, then went back to investigating vampires. They're grumpy with Necromancers, and trying to help the Dark Goddess of Necromancy, it appears. ("Necromancers" in this context are not actually followers of the Dark Goddess, they're followers of "The Necromancer", the recurring Big Bad who is allied with the Dark Gods (more or less) but bigger than they are (at least than they are individually), and whose periodic defeat and return is the major marker of the ages of the world.)
Wednesday: If/Then at the Opera House with [ profile] laura47, her husband, and Aislin. I hadn't seen the show or heard the music before, although I knew the basic conceit - following two paths of the main character's life from a branch point. It was an interesting conceit, but neither branch in is particularly compelling in its own right, and the songs were only ok. The most interesting thing is that they occasionally do some mirroring between the timelines, but they don't really do enough of it to make that a Thing. Call it 7.5 days of game before dying in a plane crash.
Thursday: The Sophisticate came over for a massage, for the first time in a while.
Friday: Lunch with [ profile] brilit at Meadhall, on the spur of the moment since no one was at work and I was getting nothing done. Evening I think was just buying comics.
Saturday: Up early to costume shop with Germany. Found horns I like for my Crossover character. Didn't actually buy much else, but looked at several things that might be promising, depending on how I actually decide the two characters work. Then home for a bit, then over to his place for his BBQ, then home again.
Sunday: Was going to go to work to try to make up for not getting much done Thursday and Friday, but woke up at 9, puttered online for an hour or so, then fell asleep again until noonish. Finally made it to the T by about 1, thinking I could get to the office for an hour or two before my guild game at 4, to discover they were busing from Kendall to Park, which would add like half an hour to the trip each way, so gave up and didn't go in when I was only going to be there for half an hour or so. The Guild Game was an amusing distraction (it was an hour long experimental thing, not really a full game), in which I won my main plot mostly by other people's incompetence (which was the main way it was winnable, darn preserve-the-status-quo plots) and lost my backup plot. Then met up with [ profile] baniszew for ice cream and WW chatting, and talked to [ profile] jdbakermn on the phone for the first time in ages. And now to bed, not nearly as early as I should have.
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