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I really need to stop doing some of my things, but I have no idea which ones I'd want to stop. It really has gotten to the point where I have insufficient downtime. Of course, when I do have downtime, I mostly just use it to play Civ VI, because I'm too tired to do much else. I think there are probably better uses of that downtime, but I haven't figured them out yet.

Work is... not quite on fire, but definitely slow embers. Gym continues to be useless, and diet was pretty useless the last two weeks too. Back is... not nearly as bad, but ankles are getting worse again, and tooth/ear seem to be aching, which I think is a sinus thing? Is like three weeks when I'm not in pain really too much to ask? Other stuff:

Last Monday: Seafall punted, because we were all hosed. If I did something else instead, I don't remember what it was.
Last Tuesday: Auria, ish. Gretchen and Anneka were missing, so we mostly had a meta conversation about where we want the run to go, which seemed to be "current characters for strategic level things, with maybe more mini-arcs with other characters doing littler things."
Last Wednesday: If there was anything in the evening, I've forgotten. "Lunch" was Scooperbowl with baniszew, though, so that was fun.
Last Thursday: Hanging out at Killbot's while he and rusalka crafted, I think. Unless that was the night before, in which case I don't know what this night was, except I ran into the business man at dinner.
Last Weekend: Witchwood! I already wrote my PEL for that, so I'm not going to write it all out again.
Monday: Torino, in which Marius helped cure the bridgebuilder of the plague, and the spider god (Mr. Weaver) was met, and we talked to the chessplayer again.
Tuesday: Work (MACDL) dinner - nothing special happened.
Wednesday: Night out at Little Donkey with housemates, mjperson, ilhander, and brilit.
Thursday: Worked late, then stopped by VBL, then prepping for Saturday's LARP (Threshold).
Friday: Rome GM meeting, moderately productive, although there were only 3.5 of us.
Saturday: NPCing for Threshold. It was in many ways the most pure *fun* I've had at a LARP in ages, with a lot of variety, and no actual consequences.
Sunday: The Blade! We negotiated peace with the orcs, and started exploring the temple under the Black Rock, which... has already been sufficiently looted that it's mostly a question of figuring out who the looters were.



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