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I never did write a post about how terrible Trump was going to be. Now he's fired Comey, who I didn't like anyway, but seriously, firing the director of the FBI who is investigating you? But I am too tired and have too many other things going on to even seriously think about it.

Work is busy. I'm not getting enough done during work hours. Gym is flailing. My PCP says he'll try and think of reasonable cardio stuff I can do without straining my ankle, but so far we haven't come up with anything. No PT last week, but back to PT tomorrow. Social life continues to have things all the time (well, not quite as much last week, but still not good). Other stuff:

Two weeks ago Monday: Seafall! Having trouble figuring out what to do, but still having a reasonable amount of fun.
Two weeks ago Tuesday: Auria! Last round of planning before dark god destruction plan commences.
Last Wednesday: Harrock's b-day dinner at the Elephant Walk in the South End. Hadn't been to that one before, think I'm not quite as happy with the atmosphere as the others, but the food was as good as always, and with the Porter one closed, it's probably the closest.
Last Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. Running around doing stuff back in town.
Last Friday-Sunday: Witchwood! Scott's triumphant return, with the police chief and Killbot as team dwarfenstern joining him. It was fun.
Last Monday: Torino canceled. Don't think I did much besides veg out.
Last Tuesday: Auria! Solstice court, with the kids running everything.
Wednesday: Not sure?
Thursday: Post Witchwood decompressing at Killbot's, then Dangerhouse (where apparently Ravena now lives? how did that happen? And when did the gladhander start showing up there?) for pre-Roast-Weekend poker night. Saw CPB, which was nice.
Friday: AltRoast, at the elk's club in Central, then drove up to Crossover but crashed without going out in character.
Saturday-Sunday: Crossover! I had been planning to NPC until Wednesday, when I got off the waitlist, so it was nice to suddenly be in character after all. Did a lot of mods, not as much talking as the fall events.
Monday: More Seafall, still don't know how to open the last box, but we'll figure it out eventually.
Tuesday: Auria! Killed the dark god, in a mostly-mechanics session, although she had enough tricks up her sleeve it was close.
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