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Sigh. This seems to have turned into an every other week thing. Which I don't like, and means I forget stuff, but everything is hosed, so I'll try and live with it and improve it later, I guess. I'm also only sort of converted to dreamwidth, although I think I've subscribed to everyone here who subscribed to me. I haven't gone looking for those of you who may not have made the crossing, or made the crossing but don't realize I did, yet.

Work fires continue to burn, and were particularly terrible last weekend, but I don't think anything is actually on fire right now. Gym is a disaster, even when I get there (which I don't do often enough) I can't do all that much. My leg is improving, though, if not to as good as I want it to be yet. But I'm hopeful it won't seriously impact Witchwood or Crossover the next two weekends. Diet is crumbling, but not completely gone. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Continued Auria plotting about how to take out the next Dark God on our hit list. By the time we actually execute the plot, it will have been 4-5 runs of basically just plotting.
Last Wednesday: Barbeque at the Lyric. I actually really liked this one, but saying too much about it would be spoiler-ific. Sufficiently so that instead of programs, as we were seated we got one page fliers saying "you'll get your program at intermission, so we don't spoil the surprise." Call it 9 days of game before OD'ing.
Last Thursday: Killbot's game, we made it back to town with the caravan of supplies, and did not trigger the fight with the opposing army all by ourselves on the scouting mission, despite several near-misses.
Last Friday: I think I worked late and crashed on the sofa at work?
Last Saturday: Work during the day, came home in the evening and was supposed to have dinner with Killbot, but that got punted to this weekend.
Last Sunday: Easter Egg Hunt! Which was fun as always, and gave legos back to Yanyu's middle kid, and a box of cookies to her youngest, both of which were good to get out of the house. No young'ns to send the left over candy away with, though, so we have way too much of that. Then into the office for another mostly-all-nighter.
Monday: Punted Torino to crash.
Tuesday: Late to Auria, finishing up work stuff. Still more planning for the Noona takedown, but at least at this point we're up to "recruting NPCs" not just talking to each other.
Wednesday: The King and I with Broadway in Boston. I accept that it's problematic (although most of the colonialism problems I was *expecting* really only show up right at the end, and the problematic bits are more gender politics), which to be fair is kind of to be expected in a 60-ish year old show about the 1860's, but I am quite fond of the music anyway. 8 days of game before dying of a heart attack.
Thursday: Seafall! We've sort of stalled on figuring out how to get to the next mechanic, so last game and this game were kind of slow. We'll see how the next couple go.
Friday: Barnum! by Moonbox at the Calderwood, with firstfrost. I hadn't seen it before, but am fond of the music. It's kind of a sadder story than I realized, despite the upbeat music, but also leaves you smiling at the end. I also quite liked the pre-show acts, especially the guy who was doing magic (card) tricks and then explaining them. 9 days of game before slowly fading away.
Saturday: Guild meeting, where I avoided getting elected Scribe. Then hanging out/dinner with Killbot.
Sunday: Blade run (the Police Chief's D&D game). Finished exploring the fallen temple of the Four. Found several cryptic messages, but very unclear what they actually have to do with the current problem we're trying to solve.



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