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I'm definitely doing worse at updating since switching to Dreamwidth. Not sure that's really Dreamwidth's fault, but it's correlated, at least. Gym was a disaster, as I gave up when I hurt my back/hip and haven't gone back. That has definitely improved, but the improvement seems to have leveled off late last week, and it's not *fixed*, it's just *not as bad*, so that's annoying. Diet has also deteriorated, as I keep eating too much because I say "damn it, it hurts, and I'm going to pamper myself." See the doctor again on Wednesday. Work is kinda-sorta under control, Civ is sticking to my Lent resolution, other stuff:

Last Wednesday: The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, as part of the Broadway In Boston season tickets plan. It was definitely interesting, and I felt it was a plausible portrayal of autism, but don't have a good feel for how accurate it actually was. The math proof wasn't that impressive, though. Call it 9 days of game before getting killed with a garden fork.
Last Thursday&Friday: Don't remember, but don't think there was much? I'm pretty sure I went to the gym both evenings to sit in the sauna, 'cause the heat helps my leg, and I don't remember being in a hurry to be anywhere after...
Last Saturday-Sunday: Got a massage, went to work, failed to do much, took a "nap" at 7 that turned into sleeping for 12 hours, got up at 7 and worked for about 5 hours, went home for a while, went to Tedlandia for chicken dinner.
Monday: First Torino run for a while. A moderate amount of 'where were we' puttering, then finding a God that the Warlocks are hunting before they got to him (or maybe her, it's unclear), and next run we'll try to jump the next Warlock attack.
Tuesday: Auria canceled due to firstfrost and harrock being out of town and all of us being hosed, so had dinner with Killbot and then lazed about.
Wednesday: Dinner and hanging out with brilit.
Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. We saved a town from undead, and killed some boar, and made it to the half-way point of our trip.
Friday: Dinner with Germany, then kind of early bed.
Saturday: Dragon Run! Stopping the Chi Eater from getting loose by beating her up a lot and giving her back to Serpent.
Sunday: Blade Run! Fought a ghost pirate ship, then down into the underwater temple that we're trying to investigate to figure out how to fix the Gods that got broken. Then a bunch of Civ VI, 'cause Sundays aren't Lent. But now it's Monday, so off to bed with me.

Date: 2017-03-27 10:22 am (UTC)
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My corner of LJ has gotten quieter, and not all of that loss has turned into DW traffic. (Guilty as charged.) I doubt that's encouraging you to post. Whether that traffic has moved to other social media or just stopped happening ... you'd probably know better than I would. :-/

A twelve hour nap suggests you've *really* not been getting enough sleep. Hoping sleeping and healing improve for you.



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