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Work is burning, although not quite as "On Fire" as a bit ago. Gym is barely existent, as my ankle continues to be grumpy, and the doctor doesn't have many more ideas, plus I'm hosed and it's losing the fight for my time. Diet is... irritating as all get out, but I'm kinda sorta following it. Limiting Civ VI to an hour a day for Lent, 'cause I've been playing way too much. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Auria! Success in the Summer Campaign, as we reclaim a bit more of Xian.
Last Wednesday: Hmm. Not theater, so if there was something, I've forgotten what it was.
Last Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. Mostly the Police Chief's show, as he ran around trying to rescue the rest of us from the priests who were checking us for Chaos Corruption.
Last Friday: I don't remember.
Last Saturday: Dragon! The run into Spider's Realm didn't go as badly as it might have, assuming the NPCs don't run into disaster in their run.
Last Sunday: The Cyberneticist was in town for the first time in years, so saw him for lunch, and then ... went to the office, I think?
Monday: Seafall! Killbot recovered, but now Sir Firestar is disheartened because he did poorly two games in a row. It looks like it's my turn to get beat next week.
Tuesday: Auria! Mostly Phil tracking down the Handless Assassin and returning his hand.
Wednesday: Stage Kiss at the Lyric, dinner with Killbot beforehand. It was quite funny, but not really as deep as it felt like it was trying to be. The ending didn't really quite work for me, either. Still, call it 8 days of game before breaking its leg and having to sit out the rest.
Thursday: Bought comics, visited with Germany a bit.
Friday: Don't think there was anything? [ETA: Oh, right, this was dinner at Mary's with the GM team for the new ten-day I'm thinking about writing, "in my copious spare time." Fortunately, they claim they're ok with me mostly being along for the ride and brainstorming stuff with them.]
Saturday: Brunch with CPB, who was visiting for a work thing, then Witchwood Winter Feast, at which I had the least plot ever and may have enjoyed it the most 'cause I actually know everyone now and can enjoy just being at a party with them, then went to work for a while and tried to deal with fires.
Sunday: Spent the afternoon with the Sophisticate and two friends of his, who seemed cool. Then should have gone to work, but played Civ VI instead because Sundays aren't part of Lent. And now to bed.
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