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Only kinda late, since I seem to have switched to Mondays more often. A sign of my general lameness. :-( Work continues to be on fire, but I was actually moderately productive this week for the first time in ages, and went in this weekend some, so ... maybe I'll keep it from burning everything down. Gym was poor, diet was... so-so. Civ VI continues to eat way too much of my time. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria! Started investigating for the Campaign Season. Have the beginnings of a plan, and an Interesting Place to try and liberate.
Wednesday: brilit's, to play Sentinals for a while. Beat the crime-boss dude, in a very satisfying game that swung back and forth a lot.
Thursday: The Sophisticate came over for a massage, for the first time in ages.
Friday: Nothing I think? Which probably means "a lot of Civ VI" as opposed to "a little bit of Civ VI after everything else."
Saturday: Work and then dinner/hanging out with Killbot.
Sunday: The Police Chief's D&D run - wandering towards the next dungeon ('sunken shrine possibly related to mysterious prophecy of doom') when we ran into a city that had been trashed by undead, and fought our way through to the escape boat. Then dinner at Tedlandia, and Futureworld (the movie sequel to the movie Westworld). Which was shockingly 70's, except it talked about sex a lot more than I remember movies doing back then (but maybe it all just went over my head, 'cause I was 11 when the 70's ended). And, uhm, one of the Tea and Terrorist Society founders showed up to stay with us for a while. (Does she have a nickname? I don't think she has a nickname.)
Monday: The History Teacher came over for an early massage, then Work, then Jelom canceled his champions run 'cause people are out of town, so more Civ VI, and answering Intercon surveys. Maybe I'll get around to going to bed at a reasonable hour for once.



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