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For the fact I spent 11 hours playing Civ VI over the weekend, staying up to Way Too Late on Saturday night. Other than that, work continued to be slower than I like, but seems to finally be picking up again this week, and I tried out the eliptical at the gym again a couple of times, and am totally out of shape, and 3/5's of the time I used to spend in a week left my ankle killing me. Sigh. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria, mostly puttering about with a new ritual for finding Bad Guy Markers.
Wednesday: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? at the Lyric. I thought it was a really strong production of a really strong show. Lives 10 days of game. Although the mysterious-disappearing-bookshelves were mysterious. Killbot and laura47 hadn't seen it before, and seeing them react was fun.
Thursday: Dinner with stever, who's definitely had a nickname in the past but I forget it.
Friday: The Scottsboro Boys was sold out, so no plan happened.
Saturday: Running errands downtown around the edges of the Women's March, and then off to the Crossover Christmas Special Potluck. Did some personal plot stuff, and wasn't too much of a depressive downer on the party. :-)
Sunday: Hidden Figures with stever at the Capitol. Also really good. I doubt the conversations are quite the way things happened, but I suspect that most of the actual facts are fairly accurate. Does a really good job of making you cringe at the segregation. 9.5 days of game before blowing up on reentry. Then Chicken at tedlandia and a bunch of Stargate/WoW.
Monday: Torino! Combat with the Mad Alchemist was less exciting than we expected. firstfrost: "I hold to paralyze him if he tries to throw the vial." Jelom: "He tries to throw the vial. You paralyze him. He [rolls] manages not to drop it and is staring at it in horror." Me: "I pick him up and we carry him to twe to search, and then we take him to jail." So that all went well. :-) He confessed entirely, too, as he's kind of crazy. Then some puttering at the stolen vases plot, and some messing with the accupuncturist, and then we called it a night.
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