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Alright, also posting this on dreamwidth. Will get around to updating my friends list here so I can read here too, sometime soon? Ping me or comment here if you've got a dreamwidth account. Going to continue crossposting to LJ because why not...

So I seem to currently have all my mondays and tuesdays and half my thursdays devoted to games (mostly role playing, a little board), and 3/4 Wednesdays for the next month devoted to theater. This is... significantly too much, plus there's other runs trying to schedule weekend time. Fortunately, work continues to be slow, but as soon as it picks up at all that's going to kill me. Haven't decided how I'm going to deal with that yet. Failed at getting back to working out seriously at the gym this week, will try again next week. Other stuff:

Last Monday: Torino. Messed around with talking to the Captain about Gods, then poked into my characters background and came up with "Napoleon is a Necromancer" or something, which... is two different versions of not-something-we'd-ever-heard-of-before, then went and tracked down the darn gnome who's been driving Guildmasters crazy with alchemy.
Tuesday: Auria. Finished killing Drow, then some puttering.
Wednesday: ex-coworker flaked on dinner plans, so just bought comics and came home.
Thursday: First run of Killbot's new tabletop.
Friday: Dinner with brilit and family then losing (well, tying) our first game of Sentinals in a while.
Saturday: Dragon run! Conquering the Tanzhe Plain, which will leave lots of people hating us for a while, so we'll have to deal with that soon.
Sunday: Brunch with Germany, then hanging out/dinner at Tedlandia, then Seafall with Killbot and Dyrus.
Monday: Beginning the second season of the Police Chief's D&D run.
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