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Didn't post last week 'cause I was downloading all my entries into dreamwidth, so now I have an account there as well. We'll see how this goes, since people seem to think LJ may collapse and die soon. Work has been super-slow, and I ... don't have any deadlines still, so it's not a disaster, but I do need to start doing more, which I'm bad at motivating without deadlines. Gym has been poor, but the podiatrist says I should try doing a few weeks of back to full work, so we'll try that and see how it goes. Other stuff that I still remember:

[Vague Legacy-Game Spoilers, if laura47 reads this and still cares.]

Monday the 26th: Flew back from CA.
Tuesday the 27th: Auria! Started purging drow from the elves, after comical "where is everyone" miscommunication games for the players showing up.
Wednesday the 28th: Rogue 1, with housemates and tedlandians. I didn't like it as much as Episode VII, but I did like it. It was sort of a genre clash in that it was a Serious War Movie (kind of), with the rebels doing sketchy stuff, which was interesting and made a good movie, but makes Episodes IV-VI feel different. It also relied more on the shared world than the reviews claimed, in that sure, it's not part of an Arc Plot (exactly... it's clearly Set Up For Episode IV), but there's a lot of stuff about the world background that they don't bother to really explain because it's starwars, you know what this is. (The Force is with me I am one with the Force.) Call it 8 days of game before being killed by a not-completely-fully-operational deathstar.
Thursday the 29th: Don't remember.
Friday the 30th: Played Pandemic: Cthullhu with Killbot. It's definitely a pandemic game, but also definitely has some different (and at least potentially interesting) mechanics. If you want to play something-like-pandemic but are tired of Pandemic, it's certainly worth trying. If you've already got pandemic and are perfectly happy to keep playing that, I don't think it's a necessary upgrade or anything.
Saturday the 31st: NYE party at desireearmfeldt's (with Killbot dragged along as a guest), then at ... ironrat's kid? I forget what his nickname is, although I'm sure he has one, for upbear NYE.
Sunday the 1st: mardigrasboi was in town for the holiday, so afternoon with him followed by dinner at tedlandia, playing the Enigma Box puzzle game mjperson'd been given.
Monday the 2nd: Seafall continues. The race has tightened to where there is currently one point between the three of us in long-term-glory. More rules opened up. I do not yet feel like the new-rules have drastically changed anything, the way I felt like some of them just upended things in Pandemic Legacy, they're more expanding on things without removing stuff that used to work.
Tuesday the 3rd: Auria was canceled due to illness at the gm's house, I don't think there was anything in particular substituted?
Wednesday the 4th: Hanging out and dinner with Killbot (well, watching him eat, I'd eaten before hanging out) for my birthday.
Thursday the 5th: Nothing.
Friday the 6th: I think there was a little final Xmas shopping, but nothing after that?
Saturday the 7th: Conflux run! Finished in Narnia finally (for now). Next run: On to the Tomb of Horrors? In the evening went to see Lion, a movie that is partially set in Tasmania. It was really not my genre, being a mix of message movie and tearjerker, but it did what it was doing quite well. Call it 8 days of game before being run over by a train.
Sunday the 8th: Birthday party! Minado for Brunch then lots of people over to play games.
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