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Double Update, 'cause I was on a plane to CA last Sunday, and then didn't get around to doing one out here. This week was all California, which was lovely and restful, last week was... pretty lame at work, and not completely terrible at gym, and I don't remember about diet, but my nutritionist was unhappy with what I was doing overall but pleased I'd lost a little weight in the month since I saw her the first time. Other stuff:

Last Monday: Torino! We... got in a fight in the sewers with a terrible Demon Psion Thing, and did some puttering before that but I don't remember how the puttering went.
Last Tuesday: Auria was canceled, went to [livejournal.com profile] brilit's and played Sentinals and watched him play SWKotOR.
Last Wednesday: Don't remember anything? Oh, right, met my trainer at the gym at 7, so that ate up most of the evening.
Last Thursday: Dinner with Killbot.
Last Friday: Don't remember anything? Office Xmas Party during the day, killed time at the office until latish afterwards, don't remember why now.
Last Saturday: Dragon! We jumped into the trap with both feet, and are now establishing ourselves as a military power in opposition to the King of the Plains of Honor, which can only go swimmingly.
Last Sunday: Lunch with Killbot, then he took me to the airport for my flight, then swung by Brother's place briefly to see Sis-in-Law and Niece before they left for Xmas (and bro and nephew, but they didn't leave the next day).
Monday: Lunch with mom, shopping for presents for me with parents, dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jdbakermn
Tuesday: Xmas shopping, saw Fantastic Beasts with dad, dinner with Germany Chen. Fantastic Beasts was definitely fun, and it was nice to see a Muggle (Nomaj) main character. I do think the main characters were kinda haphazard (she used to be an Auror? Really?), but oh well. Call it eight days of game before being eaten by a Thunderbird.
Wednesday: Xmas shopping in SF, dinner with parents, bro and nephew.
Thursday: Lunch with [livejournal.com profile] izmirian and [livejournal.com profile] merastra and other-oldest-friend. Then some xmas shopping with dad.
Friday: Bummed around until evening, when Pho Sien and [livejournal.com profile] ricedog came over for board games. Played a lot of little/fast things I hadn't played before (A Coup variant, Grifters, and Fairy Tale).
Saturday: Dim Sum with [livejournal.com profile] countertorque and our families, plus ricedog. Then bummed around and took a long bath in mom and dad's fancy bathtub that no one but me ever uses.
Sunday: Christmas! Turkey dinner, then presents (only three of us, so pretty fast), then La La Land with Dad. I quite liked it. It definitely gets bonus points for doing several things that modern movies Just Don't Do anymore (starting with being an original musical), but it makes them work. It would probably only be an 8 or 8.5 without the bonus points, but with them, 9.5 days of game until getting killed by a fake memory packet.
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