Dec. 11th, 2016 11:19 pm
[personal profile] tirinian
Work was pretty much a total disaster this week, but I have no deadlines, so... it has minimal consequences. Which is not a good lesson to learn, sigh. Failed at Gym, and mostly failed at diet. But the snow is pretty tonight.

Tuesday: Auria! We played NPCs, and mostly succeeded in thwarting the PCs from doing the stuff we had decided they were trying to do. Which was the NPCs goal, so I guess we won?
Wednesday: Murder for Two, at the Lyric. A two person musical, with one person playing the detective and another person playing everyone-else in a murder mystery. It was quite funny, and didn't really try to be anything else. 9 Days of game before being shot in the forehead.
Thursday: Bought comics and then hung out with the Instrumentologist at Meadhall for a while.
Friday: Birthday party for Killbot's GF. Watched Clue and some FF... VIII, X? not sure on the number.
Saturday: Xmas shopped a little, not very successfully, then Moonlight at the Somerville with [ profile] ilhander. It is definitely a well done mood piece, although I was not as blown away by it as many people seem to be. Call it 8 days of game before being shot in a drug deal.
Sunday: ilhander and [ profile] mjperson's birthday at their house all day! Woo, noms and Dirk Gently and Librarians!



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