Jun. 5th, 2017

Work is not as much on fire, although I need to get my work habits under better control. Gym was mostly a failure. Whether I'm going to go see the Eclipse in August is suddenly up in the air, which is both irritating from a "been planning on that for years" position, and from a "now my summer plans are (potentially) all higgledy-piggledy" position. Diet is... not great, but not terrible, and at a level I can mostly live with? Other stuff:

Last Monday: Seafall! We finally found the rule we needed to get the "Legacy" part moving forward again. Now I just have to decide if the plan is to beat Killbot up for his stuff. I think the Legacy part is quite good, but the standard game isn't quite good enough.
Last Tuesday: Auria was canceled... don't remember doing anything special?
Last Wednesday: Final Lyric show of the season, Camelot. I do like the music, and the show tends to get me 'cause I'm a sucker for Arthurian pathos but... it's really not very good. Still they did a fine job with what they had, call it 8 days of game before being killed by the Obvious Bad Guy.
Last Thursday: Swung by the LGBTQ alumni thing at Harvard, saw an old crush, which was nice, also saw the English Prof (it being his 25th this year) and the Doctor. Then Warhammer. We poked around at the edges of trying to figure out our spy plot, and decided really, none of us are spies, which is going to make this harder.
Last Friday: GM Meeting for Rome. Went ok.
Last Saturday: Lunch with the English Prof, the Doctor, and the Activist. Then hung out with the Activist and Virginia and a Catholic friend of theirs before the afternoon LGBTQ thing. Then to Germany's for his birthday bbq. Then to Kael's birthday/graduation festivities at Meadhall. By which point I was thoroughly people'd out and mostly just reading.
Last Sunday: BBQ at brilit's, which I socialed for a little while and then napped downstairs for a while.
Monday: Actual Memorial Day - BBQ at laura47's for a bit, then Torino! Where we talked our way past the fight by playing a "we're the guard and we're here to help" card, which surprised everyone including the GM, and then had to do the "now how do we defuse the Giant Bomb you've accidentally built" part anyway.
Tuesday: Auria was canceled again, frodo came over for a massage and dinner.
Wednesday: Last Minute Sentinals at brilit's because Germany was sick. Took down the evil energy-construct-guy.
Thursday: Nothing much. Bought comics and played Civ, I think.
Friday: Rome GM meeting again.
Saturday: Theoretically went to the office to work, but mostly napped.
Sunday: The Blade! Talked to the Company Director, then headed up to lift the siege of... I don't think it's actually called Harndon, but that's the name of the capital in the book I just finished, so that's stuck in my head instead of the H-whatever it actually is. Didn't lift the siege yet, but met up with the King's forces that are working on that, and have a plan to try and talk the Orcs into leaving. Then to the office for a while to do the work I napped through yesterday.



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