May. 21st, 2017

Weather has been nice, and the light is lasting pretty late, both of which I appreciate. And my ankle and back are improving (the doctors say they're not perfect, but that they can't do much to make them more-better at this point, but they might on their own, and to call them again if they get worse). We'll see if I start actually working out again any time soon, though. :-/

Work is... eating more of my time than I want, and not totally under control, but not on fire. Social stuff is not on fire, but eating more of my time than I want. Mostly, I just want more time. Sigh. Other stuff:

Last Wednesday: Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with brilit. Thought it was fun, but not as good as the first one. Both because it was sappier and because the humor felt more forced and less organic. Call it 7.5 days of game before getting killed in the Epic Final Battle Du Jour.
Last Thursday: Work dinner/fundraiser thing at the Children's Museum, then the tag end of Killbot's run. Got our orders as secret police to find the evil spies.
Last Weekend: Wow, I have no idea. Last weekend is pretty much entirely a blur. Hmm. Ok, Friday must have been when the Conflux run was - did enough investigation that mjperson figured out we're going to be doing *Return* to Tomb of Horrors, not just Tomb of Horrors. Sigh. I went downtown and flailed a work a bit on Saturday, I think, but didn't work super late, and don't think I did anything particular in the evening? And Sunday... I went to Tedlandia for dinner, and maybe just played Civ VI otherwise?
Monday: Torino! For the first time in ages. We found a Mysterious Crazy Lady with spiders in her house, who turned out to be a god of arches and aqueducts, or something, and we mostly-recruited-her to become a saint. Still don't know where the Spiders were coming from, though.
Tuesday: Auria! Post-god-killing investigation of her last few temples. Sadly, they triggered the self-destruct on the one we really would have liked to investigate. Oh well.
Wednesday: Not-justom came over for a massage, then went to the Police Chief's for his birthday party.
Thursday: Worked late.
Friday: Think I mostly just bought comics and came home?
Saturday: Dragon Run! We solved the murder mystery to thwart the Usurper! Then to work.
Sunday: Late Brunch with Killbot, then hanging out doing BGS, then dinner and The Expanse at Tedlandia.



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