Apr. 10th, 2017

Well, I seem to have failed to update again last week, and I've given up on reading my whole fb feed, and I even seem to be skimming a bunch of zephyr recently, so apparently I have even less time than I thought I did. The pinched nerve does seem to be healing (whether that's responding to PT, or just healing, I dunno), although as it gets better my ankle is getting worse, which is... curious. Work is busy, but not quite on fire, Gym is failing, Diet is... not completely offline, but not as good as it was for a while. Other stuff that I remember:

Last Monday: Should have been a Seafall game? I think it was not, though, and was the first one we missed. Maybe I didn't do anything.
Last Tuesday: Auria, mostly puttering. Best bit was tracking down the vampires that were shielded from det. evil with our Mirror-of-Matchmaking.
Last Wednesday: There was probably something, 'cause I didn't get comics until the weekend, but I forget what it was.
Last Thursday: Killbot's run, day off in local town, mostly about the Police Chief's shennanigans.
Last Friday: Took the afternoon off from work because I was sick, think I just went to bed early. Oh, no, there was dinner at Sabur with people.
Last Saturday: Went and got a massage again, then worked for a while.
Last Sunday: Comics, then Tedlandia for dinner and tv.
Monday: Torino! Mostly a big fight with a Wood Warlock, who turned out to be a member of the Church of the Sun, which will probably cause problems with our priest.
Tuesday: Auria. We got the briefing on the Goddess of Despair, and spent most of the run fretting about various ways to put it to use.
Wednesday: I don't think there was anything special.
Thursday: Seafall! Killbot passed me, as I really didn't have a plan for the game at all. I should come up with a plan for next game.
Friday: To DC! Crashed at the English Professor's, got in late enough I just went straight there.
Saturday: Sister's Big Birthday Party.
Sunday: Hanging out in Bethesda snacking on Birthday Party Leftovers.
Monday: Lunch with CBF and then flew home. Nothing happening this evening.



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