Mar. 14th, 2017

Well, all the immediate fires at work are out, but there's still a bunch of embers that could relight if things go poorly. Gym was ignored, diet is ok. Hip suddenly gave out on me Sunday or so and now I'm limping around, seeing the doctor about that tomorrow. Other stuff:

Last Monday-Wednesday: Worked late. (runs were canceled due to everyone being gone for JoCo.)
Thursday: Killbot's run. We left the city and fought a giant spider and some beast men.
Friday: Lego Batman Movie with the Harvard MBA. It was not as good as The Lego Movie, but amusing enough. Noticeably more heavy-handed with its moralizing, it felt like. Call it 7 days of game before getting banished to the Phantom Zone.
Saturday: Work again.
Sunday: Civ VI! Also a little work, and giving a massage to a friend of the Sophisticate's.
Monday: Seafall! Dealt with the irritating thing from the most recent box finally, and opened the next-to-last box, which is pretty cool. Closing in on end game. I'm clinging to a small lead in points, but feel like I don't have a great board position, but we'll see how the next few games go.
Tuesday: Snow Day! Worked from home, and actually did a moderate amount of reading stuff that I needed to read but wasn't critical for anything. Also played an hour of Civ VI, and slept a lot. Auria canceled due to snow.



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