Feb. 1st, 2017

Well, I'm playing the ten-day and not getting enough sleep, but it's game break, so a quick status report. Did more gym last week than I have in a year, but my ankles hated it. Diet going ok. Work a disaster. Won my first Civ VI game, playing less but too much. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Auria! We caught someone from what was apparently an old party nemesis family (they seem to have had more of those than we do), who revealed they have a new secret base and are still around.
Wednesday: Something Rotten, the first of the Broadway in Boston subscription with laura47 et al. It was a perfectly fine show with a lot of funny references to other musicals and/or Shakespeare, but had nothing deep going on at all. I agree with plitwack's statement that it's a show he's happy to see again, but has no need to see again. Call it 8 days of game before sentenced to death for being the wrong religion.
Thursday: Killbot's tabletop, where we continued our party-forming dungeon crawl. I got bonus eps for sitting out one fight as "not my problem." :-)
Friday-Monday: Gallifrey, the current ten-day. I'm playing K9, and walking around campus too much. I don't think anyone else playing still reads this, but maybe visage does, so I'll wait until next week for a review of game/what I'm up to. Also Sunday, the Police Chief's tabletop, where we had our second dungeon crawl, killing some demons below an abandoned temple.
Tonight: Auria, going and capturing the badguy family from their new secret backup island.



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