Dec. 6th, 2016

Guild Game!

Dec. 6th, 2016 01:06 am
Work continues to drag some. I'm doing enough my bosses don't seem to be upset, but not really a lot. Diet is... iffy. Mostly failed at gym again, as my ankles are still pretty unhappy. Wrist PT is still irritatingly slow. It's mostly functional day-to-day, but not so good at several things that I'd like it to be good at that only comes up every few days at most, but I don't remember to do the exercises for that when it's not bothering me regularly. Other stuff:

Monday: Torino! Went and talked to the God of the Dryads, who gave us a bunch of interesting world cosmology stuff.
Tuesday: Auria! Fall puttering as we zipped through several months between Summer Campaign and Winter Solstice.
Wednesday: I feel like there was something, but I'm not remembering what... any help? Actually, maybe it was just buying comics and getting dinner at H^2.
Thursday: Office Party for the building, which went reasonably well, if overstocked with food because we only got 30-ish people instead of 50-ish. But 50-ish would really have been too crowded, so that was ok.
Friday-Sunday: Agua Dulce, a Guild 3-day Post-Apocalyptic Western. I had a lot of fun, as it was pretty old school and full of old players that I like playing with. I think it was like 9 frosh and 30 cruft, or something like that. (Not quite literally true, there were at least a couple of sophmores, but... close.) [ profile] lionofgod was my opposite number in a different megacorp, and a delight to do business with, and we tried to be gentle with the poor frosh who was supposed to be negotiating with the two of us. (I don't think we actually mistreated them, but there were more than one occasion where we looked at each other and then gave a quick "no, no, this is how games work, dear" lesson during our three way negotiations. Fortunately they seemed pleased rather than offended by that.) I got about half of my plots done, and my teammates got about half of my plots done for me, so that all worked out ok, although the fact they went missing for the final day of game (disappearing into the tunnels at the start of Sunday game time and not reappearing until wrapup) seriously warped how Sunday went. But mostly in an amusing way, so that was good in the end. And Germanychen showed up from California to play, so that was cool.
Monday: First two real games of Seafall, ending with opening the first Box. I'm in last (sniff), but there's only four points difference so far, so we'll see how that goes. It feels to me like it has more replay value than Pandemic Legacy, in that many of the things are choices, and it would be interesting to see them go the other way. We'll see if I still feel that way come the end.



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