Didn't diet, didn't exercise, didn't work, and it was all good. :-)

In CA saw jdbakermn, countertorque, bro&fam, sis&fam, daveM, sunspark&teela, daveO, daveS, marc and Mahk and HSGamer, mom and dad, NeilT. In CO saw CPB, maverickseraph, willst, and the Rockies. Played Inis (fun "take over early-Ireland" game) and Spirit Island (protect Island from the invading europeans Co-Op game) and Codenames. Went to Monterey, which was pretty, but the water is still too cold for swimming. Slept a lot, read a lot of comic books, got up to Season 7, Episode 3 of GoT.

Before I left, Monday was Torino, mostly puttering, Tuesday was Auria, investigating nomads and trying to come up with some gods to replace their bad one, and Wednesday was massage & dinner with Germany.
Just one more in the long list of signs I'm over scheduled by a lot. :-/
But vacation soon, so maybe that will help, except that I'll probably spend the whole thing running around trying to see people in CA.

Work is not on fire, but isn't great. Gym is super weak, diet is also weak. Other stuff:

2 Mondays ago: Torino was canceled. I don't remember if there was a replacement plan? Probably Civ VI.
2 Tuesdays ago: Auria! The Gretchenita festival, with mjperson-coup and ilhander guest starring as bartender.
2 Wednesdays ago: Nothing I remember? Probably just civ.
2 Thursdays ago: The Sophisticate came over for a massage.
2 Fridays ago: To DC! Flight was late but not canceled, which was better than all the other shuttles to DC that night, so win? Just got in and went to Bethesda and didn't do anything.
2 Saturdays ago: Family in the morning, then Bro-in-law took his two eldest to Vermont and sis and youngest and I went to gotspit's BBQ with ironrat and needs-a-nickname. Food was yummy, but too many people I didn't know. gotspit's brother reminds me a lot of thatwesguy, though. Then dropped by to see the Instrumentologist in the evening.
2 Sundays ago: Dim Sum with CBF, then Spiderman Homecoming with ironrat and needs-a-nickname. I enjoyed it, and thought the kid playing Spiderman was quite good, but it didn't quite click on all cylinders, somehow. Call it 8 days of game before being dropped to its death by the Vulture. (Did they ever actually call him that?)
Monday: Seafall. Still haven't opened the final box. According to Zelai that's because we already found the thing to open it and didn't realize we had. Grr. We'll see how next game goes.
Tuesday: Auria canceled 'cause of the Riggins' trip, so I think I just played Civ?
Wednesday: algorithmancy came over to play Heroes Welcome.
Thursday: Killbot's Warhammer run. We tracked down a beastmen camp, didn't get killed, and led the guard to blow it up.
Friday: Rome meeting, then massage for the gladhander.
Saturday: Went to work, but mostly napped, and then couldn't sleep at night.
Sunday: Cheese at tedlandia with justom, then chicken, then went and did some of the work I didn't do on Saturday.
Tonight: Torino! Heard about three new gods (athiests, betrayal, and senators), warned Livia about the threat to the senator-god (the thing she actually seemed to learn from that was that the Senator-Saint was in town), puttered with Tanaka (perhaps he'll get my memories back? and investigating Sand, the new drug replacing Rock), talked to the gnome alchemist about gremlin treats, and played with Marius' warren.
Everything frays and falls apart, the center cannot hold. Too hosed with everything, and don't know what to give up, but lets see what I've done:

Monday the 19th: Seafall! Raided Killbot, for my first pc-pc raid of the game. Still feels like it's stalled.
Tuesday the 20th: Auria! The second half of harrock's coup.
Wednesday the 21st: Dunno. Possibly nothing.
Thursday the 22nd: Sophisticate came over for a massage.
Friday the 23rd-Sunday the 25th: That was the weekend of "everyone is gone", so I don't think there was a lot, but I don't remember details anymore. Work on Saturday, Brunch with housemates on Sunday, I think.
Monday the 26th: Torino canceled, so nothing, I think?
27th: Auria! Puttering around investigating what colors mean for "detect evil" results, and looking at our neighbors to the east.
28th: The LARP Teacher came over for a massage.
29th: Went out with brilit. Plan was to go to The Melting Pot, but apparently you can only get in with reservations, so we wound up at a Border Cafe out in the 'burbs (who knew they were a chain! And it was super chain-y, while still also being clearly a Border Cafe!). Then played The Captain Is Dead.
30th: Wonder Woman with ilhander. I quite liked it. They got Diana mostly right (not necessarily exactly how I think of her, but a good version of Warrior Princess Hero), as opposed to trying to make all DC heros Grim'n'Gritty Batman, which I think has been there problem for several movies now.
1st: Dragon Chapter End, the rescue of Tsai Suyin. Then party at Killbot's.
2nd: Civ VI and dinner at Tedlandia, then work, I think.
3rd: Some work, early Seafall 'cause we were officially closed, BBQ at Germany's.
4th: Work work work, then Fireworks! With germany, with guest appearances by fireworksboi and the tibbettses & sniffens.
5th: I think that was mostly a down day?
6th: Warhammer RPG - talking to the underworld, and run in with some Skavin.
7th: Rome GM meeting - long live the eternal city!
8th: Work until Late.
9th: Went to Brunch at S&S and Oasis spa with Killbot, then work for a while.
I really need to stop doing some of my things, but I have no idea which ones I'd want to stop. It really has gotten to the point where I have insufficient downtime. Of course, when I do have downtime, I mostly just use it to play Civ VI, because I'm too tired to do much else. I think there are probably better uses of that downtime, but I haven't figured them out yet.

Work is... not quite on fire, but definitely slow embers. Gym continues to be useless, and diet was pretty useless the last two weeks too. Back is... not nearly as bad, but ankles are getting worse again, and tooth/ear seem to be aching, which I think is a sinus thing? Is like three weeks when I'm not in pain really too much to ask? Other stuff:

Last Monday: Seafall punted, because we were all hosed. If I did something else instead, I don't remember what it was.
Last Tuesday: Auria, ish. Gretchen and Anneka were missing, so we mostly had a meta conversation about where we want the run to go, which seemed to be "current characters for strategic level things, with maybe more mini-arcs with other characters doing littler things."
Last Wednesday: If there was anything in the evening, I've forgotten. "Lunch" was Scooperbowl with baniszew, though, so that was fun.
Last Thursday: Hanging out at Killbot's while he and rusalka crafted, I think. Unless that was the night before, in which case I don't know what this night was, except I ran into the business man at dinner.
Last Weekend: Witchwood! I already wrote my PEL for that, so I'm not going to write it all out again.
Monday: Torino, in which Marius helped cure the bridgebuilder of the plague, and the spider god (Mr. Weaver) was met, and we talked to the chessplayer again.
Tuesday: Work (MACDL) dinner - nothing special happened.
Wednesday: Night out at Little Donkey with housemates, mjperson, ilhander, and brilit.
Thursday: Worked late, then stopped by VBL, then prepping for Saturday's LARP (Threshold).
Friday: Rome GM meeting, moderately productive, although there were only 3.5 of us.
Saturday: NPCing for Threshold. It was in many ways the most pure *fun* I've had at a LARP in ages, with a lot of variety, and no actual consequences.
Sunday: The Blade! We negotiated peace with the orcs, and started exploring the temple under the Black Rock, which... has already been sufficiently looted that it's mostly a question of figuring out who the looters were.
Work is not as much on fire, although I need to get my work habits under better control. Gym was mostly a failure. Whether I'm going to go see the Eclipse in August is suddenly up in the air, which is both irritating from a "been planning on that for years" position, and from a "now my summer plans are (potentially) all higgledy-piggledy" position. Diet is... not great, but not terrible, and at a level I can mostly live with? Other stuff:

Last Monday: Seafall! We finally found the rule we needed to get the "Legacy" part moving forward again. Now I just have to decide if the plan is to beat Killbot up for his stuff. I think the Legacy part is quite good, but the standard game isn't quite good enough.
Last Tuesday: Auria was canceled... don't remember doing anything special?
Last Wednesday: Final Lyric show of the season, Camelot. I do like the music, and the show tends to get me 'cause I'm a sucker for Arthurian pathos but... it's really not very good. Still they did a fine job with what they had, call it 8 days of game before being killed by the Obvious Bad Guy.
Last Thursday: Swung by the LGBTQ alumni thing at Harvard, saw an old crush, which was nice, also saw the English Prof (it being his 25th this year) and the Doctor. Then Warhammer. We poked around at the edges of trying to figure out our spy plot, and decided really, none of us are spies, which is going to make this harder.
Last Friday: GM Meeting for Rome. Went ok.
Last Saturday: Lunch with the English Prof, the Doctor, and the Activist. Then hung out with the Activist and Virginia and a Catholic friend of theirs before the afternoon LGBTQ thing. Then to Germany's for his birthday bbq. Then to Kael's birthday/graduation festivities at Meadhall. By which point I was thoroughly people'd out and mostly just reading.
Last Sunday: BBQ at brilit's, which I socialed for a little while and then napped downstairs for a while.
Monday: Actual Memorial Day - BBQ at laura47's for a bit, then Torino! Where we talked our way past the fight by playing a "we're the guard and we're here to help" card, which surprised everyone including the GM, and then had to do the "now how do we defuse the Giant Bomb you've accidentally built" part anyway.
Tuesday: Auria was canceled again, frodo came over for a massage and dinner.
Wednesday: Last Minute Sentinals at brilit's because Germany was sick. Took down the evil energy-construct-guy.
Thursday: Nothing much. Bought comics and played Civ, I think.
Friday: Rome GM meeting again.
Saturday: Theoretically went to the office to work, but mostly napped.
Sunday: The Blade! Talked to the Company Director, then headed up to lift the siege of... I don't think it's actually called Harndon, but that's the name of the capital in the book I just finished, so that's stuck in my head instead of the H-whatever it actually is. Didn't lift the siege yet, but met up with the King's forces that are working on that, and have a plan to try and talk the Orcs into leaving. Then to the office for a while to do the work I napped through yesterday.
Weather has been nice, and the light is lasting pretty late, both of which I appreciate. And my ankle and back are improving (the doctors say they're not perfect, but that they can't do much to make them more-better at this point, but they might on their own, and to call them again if they get worse). We'll see if I start actually working out again any time soon, though. :-/

Work is... eating more of my time than I want, and not totally under control, but not on fire. Social stuff is not on fire, but eating more of my time than I want. Mostly, I just want more time. Sigh. Other stuff:

Last Wednesday: Saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with brilit. Thought it was fun, but not as good as the first one. Both because it was sappier and because the humor felt more forced and less organic. Call it 7.5 days of game before getting killed in the Epic Final Battle Du Jour.
Last Thursday: Work dinner/fundraiser thing at the Children's Museum, then the tag end of Killbot's run. Got our orders as secret police to find the evil spies.
Last Weekend: Wow, I have no idea. Last weekend is pretty much entirely a blur. Hmm. Ok, Friday must have been when the Conflux run was - did enough investigation that mjperson figured out we're going to be doing *Return* to Tomb of Horrors, not just Tomb of Horrors. Sigh. I went downtown and flailed a work a bit on Saturday, I think, but didn't work super late, and don't think I did anything particular in the evening? And Sunday... I went to Tedlandia for dinner, and maybe just played Civ VI otherwise?
Monday: Torino! For the first time in ages. We found a Mysterious Crazy Lady with spiders in her house, who turned out to be a god of arches and aqueducts, or something, and we mostly-recruited-her to become a saint. Still don't know where the Spiders were coming from, though.
Tuesday: Auria! Post-god-killing investigation of her last few temples. Sadly, they triggered the self-destruct on the one we really would have liked to investigate. Oh well.
Wednesday: Not-justom came over for a massage, then went to the Police Chief's for his birthday party.
Thursday: Worked late.
Friday: Think I mostly just bought comics and came home?
Saturday: Dragon Run! We solved the murder mystery to thwart the Usurper! Then to work.
Sunday: Late Brunch with Killbot, then hanging out doing BGS, then dinner and The Expanse at Tedlandia.
I never did write a post about how terrible Trump was going to be. Now he's fired Comey, who I didn't like anyway, but seriously, firing the director of the FBI who is investigating you? But I am too tired and have too many other things going on to even seriously think about it.

Work is busy. I'm not getting enough done during work hours. Gym is flailing. My PCP says he'll try and think of reasonable cardio stuff I can do without straining my ankle, but so far we haven't come up with anything. No PT last week, but back to PT tomorrow. Social life continues to have things all the time (well, not quite as much last week, but still not good). Other stuff:

Two weeks ago Monday: Seafall! Having trouble figuring out what to do, but still having a reasonable amount of fun.
Two weeks ago Tuesday: Auria! Last round of planning before dark god destruction plan commences.
Last Wednesday: Harrock's b-day dinner at the Elephant Walk in the South End. Hadn't been to that one before, think I'm not quite as happy with the atmosphere as the others, but the food was as good as always, and with the Porter one closed, it's probably the closest.
Last Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. Running around doing stuff back in town.
Last Friday-Sunday: Witchwood! Scott's triumphant return, with the police chief and Killbot as team dwarfenstern joining him. It was fun.
Last Monday: Torino canceled. Don't think I did much besides veg out.
Last Tuesday: Auria! Solstice court, with the kids running everything.
Wednesday: Not sure?
Thursday: Post Witchwood decompressing at Killbot's, then Dangerhouse (where apparently Ravena now lives? how did that happen? And when did the gladhander start showing up there?) for pre-Roast-Weekend poker night. Saw CPB, which was nice.
Friday: AltRoast, at the elk's club in Central, then drove up to Crossover but crashed without going out in character.
Saturday-Sunday: Crossover! I had been planning to NPC until Wednesday, when I got off the waitlist, so it was nice to suddenly be in character after all. Did a lot of mods, not as much talking as the fall events.
Monday: More Seafall, still don't know how to open the last box, but we'll figure it out eventually.
Tuesday: Auria! Killed the dark god, in a mostly-mechanics session, although she had enough tricks up her sleeve it was close.
Sigh. This seems to have turned into an every other week thing. Which I don't like, and means I forget stuff, but everything is hosed, so I'll try and live with it and improve it later, I guess. I'm also only sort of converted to dreamwidth, although I think I've subscribed to everyone here who subscribed to me. I haven't gone looking for those of you who may not have made the crossing, or made the crossing but don't realize I did, yet.

Work fires continue to burn, and were particularly terrible last weekend, but I don't think anything is actually on fire right now. Gym is a disaster, even when I get there (which I don't do often enough) I can't do all that much. My leg is improving, though, if not to as good as I want it to be yet. But I'm hopeful it won't seriously impact Witchwood or Crossover the next two weekends. Diet is crumbling, but not completely gone. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Continued Auria plotting about how to take out the next Dark God on our hit list. By the time we actually execute the plot, it will have been 4-5 runs of basically just plotting.
Last Wednesday: Barbeque at the Lyric. I actually really liked this one, but saying too much about it would be spoiler-ific. Sufficiently so that instead of programs, as we were seated we got one page fliers saying "you'll get your program at intermission, so we don't spoil the surprise." Call it 9 days of game before OD'ing.
Last Thursday: Killbot's game, we made it back to town with the caravan of supplies, and did not trigger the fight with the opposing army all by ourselves on the scouting mission, despite several near-misses.
Last Friday: I think I worked late and crashed on the sofa at work?
Last Saturday: Work during the day, came home in the evening and was supposed to have dinner with Killbot, but that got punted to this weekend.
Last Sunday: Easter Egg Hunt! Which was fun as always, and gave legos back to Yanyu's middle kid, and a box of cookies to her youngest, both of which were good to get out of the house. No young'ns to send the left over candy away with, though, so we have way too much of that. Then into the office for another mostly-all-nighter.
Monday: Punted Torino to crash.
Tuesday: Late to Auria, finishing up work stuff. Still more planning for the Noona takedown, but at least at this point we're up to "recruting NPCs" not just talking to each other.
Wednesday: The King and I with Broadway in Boston. I accept that it's problematic (although most of the colonialism problems I was *expecting* really only show up right at the end, and the problematic bits are more gender politics), which to be fair is kind of to be expected in a 60-ish year old show about the 1860's, but I am quite fond of the music anyway. 8 days of game before dying of a heart attack.
Thursday: Seafall! We've sort of stalled on figuring out how to get to the next mechanic, so last game and this game were kind of slow. We'll see how the next couple go.
Friday: Barnum! by Moonbox at the Calderwood, with firstfrost. I hadn't seen it before, but am fond of the music. It's kind of a sadder story than I realized, despite the upbeat music, but also leaves you smiling at the end. I also quite liked the pre-show acts, especially the guy who was doing magic (card) tricks and then explaining them. 9 days of game before slowly fading away.
Saturday: Guild meeting, where I avoided getting elected Scribe. Then hanging out/dinner with Killbot.
Sunday: Blade run (the Police Chief's D&D game). Finished exploring the fallen temple of the Four. Found several cryptic messages, but very unclear what they actually have to do with the current problem we're trying to solve.
Well, I seem to have failed to update again last week, and I've given up on reading my whole fb feed, and I even seem to be skimming a bunch of zephyr recently, so apparently I have even less time than I thought I did. The pinched nerve does seem to be healing (whether that's responding to PT, or just healing, I dunno), although as it gets better my ankle is getting worse, which is... curious. Work is busy, but not quite on fire, Gym is failing, Diet is... not completely offline, but not as good as it was for a while. Other stuff that I remember:

Last Monday: Should have been a Seafall game? I think it was not, though, and was the first one we missed. Maybe I didn't do anything.
Last Tuesday: Auria, mostly puttering. Best bit was tracking down the vampires that were shielded from det. evil with our Mirror-of-Matchmaking.
Last Wednesday: There was probably something, 'cause I didn't get comics until the weekend, but I forget what it was.
Last Thursday: Killbot's run, day off in local town, mostly about the Police Chief's shennanigans.
Last Friday: Took the afternoon off from work because I was sick, think I just went to bed early. Oh, no, there was dinner at Sabur with people.
Last Saturday: Went and got a massage again, then worked for a while.
Last Sunday: Comics, then Tedlandia for dinner and tv.
Monday: Torino! Mostly a big fight with a Wood Warlock, who turned out to be a member of the Church of the Sun, which will probably cause problems with our priest.
Tuesday: Auria. We got the briefing on the Goddess of Despair, and spent most of the run fretting about various ways to put it to use.
Wednesday: I don't think there was anything special.
Thursday: Seafall! Killbot passed me, as I really didn't have a plan for the game at all. I should come up with a plan for next game.
Friday: To DC! Crashed at the English Professor's, got in late enough I just went straight there.
Saturday: Sister's Big Birthday Party.
Sunday: Hanging out in Bethesda snacking on Birthday Party Leftovers.
Monday: Lunch with CBF and then flew home. Nothing happening this evening.
I'm definitely doing worse at updating since switching to Dreamwidth. Not sure that's really Dreamwidth's fault, but it's correlated, at least. Gym was a disaster, as I gave up when I hurt my back/hip and haven't gone back. That has definitely improved, but the improvement seems to have leveled off late last week, and it's not *fixed*, it's just *not as bad*, so that's annoying. Diet has also deteriorated, as I keep eating too much because I say "damn it, it hurts, and I'm going to pamper myself." See the doctor again on Wednesday. Work is kinda-sorta under control, Civ is sticking to my Lent resolution, other stuff:

Last Wednesday: The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, as part of the Broadway In Boston season tickets plan. It was definitely interesting, and I felt it was a plausible portrayal of autism, but don't have a good feel for how accurate it actually was. The math proof wasn't that impressive, though. Call it 9 days of game before getting killed with a garden fork.
Last Thursday&Friday: Don't remember, but don't think there was much? I'm pretty sure I went to the gym both evenings to sit in the sauna, 'cause the heat helps my leg, and I don't remember being in a hurry to be anywhere after...
Last Saturday-Sunday: Got a massage, went to work, failed to do much, took a "nap" at 7 that turned into sleeping for 12 hours, got up at 7 and worked for about 5 hours, went home for a while, went to Tedlandia for chicken dinner.
Monday: First Torino run for a while. A moderate amount of 'where were we' puttering, then finding a God that the Warlocks are hunting before they got to him (or maybe her, it's unclear), and next run we'll try to jump the next Warlock attack.
Tuesday: Auria canceled due to firstfrost and harrock being out of town and all of us being hosed, so had dinner with Killbot and then lazed about.
Wednesday: Dinner and hanging out with brilit.
Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. We saved a town from undead, and killed some boar, and made it to the half-way point of our trip.
Friday: Dinner with Germany, then kind of early bed.
Saturday: Dragon Run! Stopping the Chi Eater from getting loose by beating her up a lot and giving her back to Serpent.
Sunday: Blade Run! Fought a ghost pirate ship, then down into the underwater temple that we're trying to investigate to figure out how to fix the Gods that got broken. Then a bunch of Civ VI, 'cause Sundays aren't Lent. But now it's Monday, so off to bed with me.
Well, all the immediate fires at work are out, but there's still a bunch of embers that could relight if things go poorly. Gym was ignored, diet is ok. Hip suddenly gave out on me Sunday or so and now I'm limping around, seeing the doctor about that tomorrow. Other stuff:

Last Monday-Wednesday: Worked late. (runs were canceled due to everyone being gone for JoCo.)
Thursday: Killbot's run. We left the city and fought a giant spider and some beast men.
Friday: Lego Batman Movie with the Harvard MBA. It was not as good as The Lego Movie, but amusing enough. Noticeably more heavy-handed with its moralizing, it felt like. Call it 7 days of game before getting banished to the Phantom Zone.
Saturday: Work again.
Sunday: Civ VI! Also a little work, and giving a massage to a friend of the Sophisticate's.
Monday: Seafall! Dealt with the irritating thing from the most recent box finally, and opened the next-to-last box, which is pretty cool. Closing in on end game. I'm clinging to a small lead in points, but feel like I don't have a great board position, but we'll see how the next few games go.
Tuesday: Snow Day! Worked from home, and actually did a moderate amount of reading stuff that I needed to read but wasn't critical for anything. Also played an hour of Civ VI, and slept a lot. Auria canceled due to snow.
Work is burning, although not quite as "On Fire" as a bit ago. Gym is barely existent, as my ankle continues to be grumpy, and the doctor doesn't have many more ideas, plus I'm hosed and it's losing the fight for my time. Diet is... irritating as all get out, but I'm kinda sorta following it. Limiting Civ VI to an hour a day for Lent, 'cause I've been playing way too much. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Auria! Success in the Summer Campaign, as we reclaim a bit more of Xian.
Last Wednesday: Hmm. Not theater, so if there was something, I've forgotten what it was.
Last Thursday: Killbot's tabletop. Mostly the Police Chief's show, as he ran around trying to rescue the rest of us from the priests who were checking us for Chaos Corruption.
Last Friday: I don't remember.
Last Saturday: Dragon! The run into Spider's Realm didn't go as badly as it might have, assuming the NPCs don't run into disaster in their run.
Last Sunday: The Cyberneticist was in town for the first time in years, so saw him for lunch, and then ... went to the office, I think?
Monday: Seafall! Killbot recovered, but now Sir Firestar is disheartened because he did poorly two games in a row. It looks like it's my turn to get beat next week.
Tuesday: Auria! Mostly Phil tracking down the Handless Assassin and returning his hand.
Wednesday: Stage Kiss at the Lyric, dinner with Killbot beforehand. It was quite funny, but not really as deep as it felt like it was trying to be. The ending didn't really quite work for me, either. Still, call it 8 days of game before breaking its leg and having to sit out the rest.
Thursday: Bought comics, visited with Germany a bit.
Friday: Don't think there was anything? [ETA: Oh, right, this was dinner at Mary's with the GM team for the new ten-day I'm thinking about writing, "in my copious spare time." Fortunately, they claim they're ok with me mostly being along for the ride and brainstorming stuff with them.]
Saturday: Brunch with CPB, who was visiting for a work thing, then Witchwood Winter Feast, at which I had the least plot ever and may have enjoyed it the most 'cause I actually know everyone now and can enjoy just being at a party with them, then went to work for a while and tried to deal with fires.
Sunday: Spent the afternoon with the Sophisticate and two friends of his, who seemed cool. Then should have gone to work, but played Civ VI instead because Sundays aren't part of Lent. And now to bed.
Only kinda late, since I seem to have switched to Mondays more often. A sign of my general lameness. :-( Work continues to be on fire, but I was actually moderately productive this week for the first time in ages, and went in this weekend some, so ... maybe I'll keep it from burning everything down. Gym was poor, diet was... so-so. Civ VI continues to eat way too much of my time. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria! Started investigating for the Campaign Season. Have the beginnings of a plan, and an Interesting Place to try and liberate.
Wednesday: brilit's, to play Sentinals for a while. Beat the crime-boss dude, in a very satisfying game that swung back and forth a lot.
Thursday: The Sophisticate came over for a massage, for the first time in ages.
Friday: Nothing I think? Which probably means "a lot of Civ VI" as opposed to "a little bit of Civ VI after everything else."
Saturday: Work and then dinner/hanging out with Killbot.
Sunday: The Police Chief's D&D run - wandering towards the next dungeon ('sunken shrine possibly related to mysterious prophecy of doom') when we ran into a city that had been trashed by undead, and fought our way through to the escape boat. Then dinner at Tedlandia, and Futureworld (the movie sequel to the movie Westworld). Which was shockingly 70's, except it talked about sex a lot more than I remember movies doing back then (but maybe it all just went over my head, 'cause I was 11 when the 70's ended). And, uhm, one of the Tea and Terrorist Society founders showed up to stay with us for a while. (Does she have a nickname? I don't think she has a nickname.)
Monday: The History Teacher came over for an early massage, then Work, then Jelom canceled his champions run 'cause people are out of town, so more Civ VI, and answering Intercon surveys. Maybe I'll get around to going to bed at a reasonable hour for once.


Feb. 13th, 2017 10:47 pm
Work is on fire, but hopefully I can get it put out in the next couple of weeks. Gym is a disaster. Diet is... ok, but losing ground. Ankle hurts. Blah.

Other stuff:
Tuesday: Auria! Spring putternig before the campaign season starts. Played with balloons, and looked at rituals, and various other things.
Wednesday: Cabaret, with Broadway in Boston mob. It was a fine production of a show I like, if a little on-the-nose for the current political situation. And the Emcee played the young kid on the American QaF, so that was amusing, too.
Thursday: Killbot's run. We finished our initial run through the sewers under the city. Find out new mission next time.
Friday: Intercon! Playing Team Archeology's boffer playtest game. It was an interesting world, and a playable if not inherently intriguing system, but as a game it suffered some from being a set up for later games, so the big-issues were mostly not resolveable in game time.
Saturday: More Intercon! Cracks in the Orb, a dinner party in the Jhereg universe, during approximately the Phoenix Guard era. I was the Issola butler, very Jeeves-esque, and had fun trying to keep the party running as a Party while everyone else tried to do their plots. Then in the evening I got added to All Stories Are True, a game in the Name of the Wind universe (which I haven't read), but I was amnesiac, so it was ok I didn't know anything. Game was fun, but the mechanics were way more "see a GM" than the guild would accept. Then stopped by Omoira's birthday party briefly before crashing.
Sunday: Ankle was failing and storm was coming, so skipped Iron GM and came back to Boston, spending the afternoon at work and then having dinner with Killbot.
Monday: Seafall. Kind of a stalling game, as we spent a while trying to figure out what one does after the last box we opened.
(At least a triple reference in the title, which is pretty good, right?)

Finished the ten-day, which was most of last week. I was K9Mk1, on teams "friends of the doctor" (social group dedicated to generic good guying), "go robots!", "One Gallifrey" (in the new universe we were settling as Gallifrey got kicked out of time to end the time war there were options for 1 Gallifrey, Gallifrey+Colonies, and 2+ Gallifreys. I thought multiple Gallifreys would go to war and it wouldn't matter how the Dalek's did. We got a Gallifrey and a colony, but the colony was really big. But fortunately, there's no post-game, and team Gallifrey+Colonies might have been right that was more stable), and "Rassilon's Mind Shards" (Trying to collect the whole set in one person to recreate Rassilon, the insane, super powerful, founder of the time lords). Got two copies of a complete Rassilon across, although they weren't in as good a position of power as we'd hoped. And I got a government post for myself as Minister of Robotics, and several nice toys and helped get the War Score up to "just barely an even fight" levels. So it mostly went ok, and was fun.

But I got no sleep and that was bad, and work was a disaster ("fortunately" there still aren't any deadlines, but that can't last forever), and the gym failed miserably (although the game included lots of walking all over campus, sufficient to give me blisters, woo).

And then there's Trump.

(No calling out specific nights this time, it was all the ten-day except for tonight, when I bailed on my tabletop and just putzed at home.)
Well, I'm playing the ten-day and not getting enough sleep, but it's game break, so a quick status report. Did more gym last week than I have in a year, but my ankles hated it. Diet going ok. Work a disaster. Won my first Civ VI game, playing less but too much. Other stuff:

Last Tuesday: Auria! We caught someone from what was apparently an old party nemesis family (they seem to have had more of those than we do), who revealed they have a new secret base and are still around.
Wednesday: Something Rotten, the first of the Broadway in Boston subscription with laura47 et al. It was a perfectly fine show with a lot of funny references to other musicals and/or Shakespeare, but had nothing deep going on at all. I agree with plitwack's statement that it's a show he's happy to see again, but has no need to see again. Call it 8 days of game before sentenced to death for being the wrong religion.
Thursday: Killbot's tabletop, where we continued our party-forming dungeon crawl. I got bonus eps for sitting out one fight as "not my problem." :-)
Friday-Monday: Gallifrey, the current ten-day. I'm playing K9, and walking around campus too much. I don't think anyone else playing still reads this, but maybe visage does, so I'll wait until next week for a review of game/what I'm up to. Also Sunday, the Police Chief's tabletop, where we had our second dungeon crawl, killing some demons below an abandoned temple.
Tonight: Auria, going and capturing the badguy family from their new secret backup island.
For the fact I spent 11 hours playing Civ VI over the weekend, staying up to Way Too Late on Saturday night. Other than that, work continued to be slower than I like, but seems to finally be picking up again this week, and I tried out the eliptical at the gym again a couple of times, and am totally out of shape, and 3/5's of the time I used to spend in a week left my ankle killing me. Sigh. Other stuff:

Tuesday: Auria, mostly puttering about with a new ritual for finding Bad Guy Markers.
Wednesday: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? at the Lyric. I thought it was a really strong production of a really strong show. Lives 10 days of game. Although the mysterious-disappearing-bookshelves were mysterious. Killbot and laura47 hadn't seen it before, and seeing them react was fun.
Thursday: Dinner with stever, who's definitely had a nickname in the past but I forget it.
Friday: The Scottsboro Boys was sold out, so no plan happened.
Saturday: Running errands downtown around the edges of the Women's March, and then off to the Crossover Christmas Special Potluck. Did some personal plot stuff, and wasn't too much of a depressive downer on the party. :-)
Sunday: Hidden Figures with stever at the Capitol. Also really good. I doubt the conversations are quite the way things happened, but I suspect that most of the actual facts are fairly accurate. Does a really good job of making you cringe at the segregation. 9.5 days of game before blowing up on reentry. Then Chicken at tedlandia and a bunch of Stargate/WoW.
Monday: Torino! Combat with the Mad Alchemist was less exciting than we expected. firstfrost: "I hold to paralyze him if he tries to throw the vial." Jelom: "He tries to throw the vial. You paralyze him. He [rolls] manages not to drop it and is staring at it in horror." Me: "I pick him up and we carry him to twe to search, and then we take him to jail." So that all went well. :-) He confessed entirely, too, as he's kind of crazy. Then some puttering at the stolen vases plot, and some messing with the accupuncturist, and then we called it a night.
Alright, also posting this on dreamwidth. Will get around to updating my friends list here so I can read here too, sometime soon? Ping me or comment here if you've got a dreamwidth account. Going to continue crossposting to LJ because why not...

So I seem to currently have all my mondays and tuesdays and half my thursdays devoted to games (mostly role playing, a little board), and 3/4 Wednesdays for the next month devoted to theater. This is... significantly too much, plus there's other runs trying to schedule weekend time. Fortunately, work continues to be slow, but as soon as it picks up at all that's going to kill me. Haven't decided how I'm going to deal with that yet. Failed at getting back to working out seriously at the gym this week, will try again next week. Other stuff:

Last Monday: Torino. Messed around with talking to the Captain about Gods, then poked into my characters background and came up with "Napoleon is a Necromancer" or something, which... is two different versions of not-something-we'd-ever-heard-of-before, then went and tracked down the darn gnome who's been driving Guildmasters crazy with alchemy.
Tuesday: Auria. Finished killing Drow, then some puttering.
Wednesday: ex-coworker flaked on dinner plans, so just bought comics and came home.
Thursday: First run of Killbot's new tabletop.
Friday: Dinner with brilit and family then losing (well, tying) our first game of Sentinals in a while.
Saturday: Dragon run! Conquering the Tanzhe Plain, which will leave lots of people hating us for a while, so we'll have to deal with that soon.
Sunday: Brunch with Germany, then hanging out/dinner at Tedlandia, then Seafall with Killbot and Dyrus.
Monday: Beginning the second season of the Police Chief's D&D run.
Didn't post last week 'cause I was downloading all my entries into dreamwidth, so now I have an account there as well. We'll see how this goes, since people seem to think LJ may collapse and die soon. Work has been super-slow, and I ... don't have any deadlines still, so it's not a disaster, but I do need to start doing more, which I'm bad at motivating without deadlines. Gym has been poor, but the podiatrist says I should try doing a few weeks of back to full work, so we'll try that and see how it goes. Other stuff that I still remember:

[Vague Legacy-Game Spoilers, if laura47 reads this and still cares.]

Monday the 26th: Flew back from CA.
Tuesday the 27th: Auria! Started purging drow from the elves, after comical "where is everyone" miscommunication games for the players showing up.
Wednesday the 28th: Rogue 1, with housemates and tedlandians. I didn't like it as much as Episode VII, but I did like it. It was sort of a genre clash in that it was a Serious War Movie (kind of), with the rebels doing sketchy stuff, which was interesting and made a good movie, but makes Episodes IV-VI feel different. It also relied more on the shared world than the reviews claimed, in that sure, it's not part of an Arc Plot (exactly... it's clearly Set Up For Episode IV), but there's a lot of stuff about the world background that they don't bother to really explain because it's starwars, you know what this is. (The Force is with me I am one with the Force.) Call it 8 days of game before being killed by a not-completely-fully-operational deathstar.
Thursday the 29th: Don't remember.
Friday the 30th: Played Pandemic: Cthullhu with Killbot. It's definitely a pandemic game, but also definitely has some different (and at least potentially interesting) mechanics. If you want to play something-like-pandemic but are tired of Pandemic, it's certainly worth trying. If you've already got pandemic and are perfectly happy to keep playing that, I don't think it's a necessary upgrade or anything.
Saturday the 31st: NYE party at desireearmfeldt's (with Killbot dragged along as a guest), then at ... ironrat's kid? I forget what his nickname is, although I'm sure he has one, for upbear NYE.
Sunday the 1st: mardigrasboi was in town for the holiday, so afternoon with him followed by dinner at tedlandia, playing the Enigma Box puzzle game mjperson'd been given.
Monday the 2nd: Seafall continues. The race has tightened to where there is currently one point between the three of us in long-term-glory. More rules opened up. I do not yet feel like the new-rules have drastically changed anything, the way I felt like some of them just upended things in Pandemic Legacy, they're more expanding on things without removing stuff that used to work.
Tuesday the 3rd: Auria was canceled due to illness at the gm's house, I don't think there was anything in particular substituted?
Wednesday the 4th: Hanging out and dinner with Killbot (well, watching him eat, I'd eaten before hanging out) for my birthday.
Thursday the 5th: Nothing.
Friday the 6th: I think there was a little final Xmas shopping, but nothing after that?
Saturday the 7th: Conflux run! Finished in Narnia finally (for now). Next run: On to the Tomb of Horrors? In the evening went to see Lion, a movie that is partially set in Tasmania. It was really not my genre, being a mix of message movie and tearjerker, but it did what it was doing quite well. Call it 8 days of game before being run over by a train.
Sunday the 8th: Birthday party! Minado for Brunch then lots of people over to play games.
Double Update, 'cause I was on a plane to CA last Sunday, and then didn't get around to doing one out here. This week was all California, which was lovely and restful, last week was... pretty lame at work, and not completely terrible at gym, and I don't remember about diet, but my nutritionist was unhappy with what I was doing overall but pleased I'd lost a little weight in the month since I saw her the first time. Other stuff:

Last Monday: Torino! We... got in a fight in the sewers with a terrible Demon Psion Thing, and did some puttering before that but I don't remember how the puttering went.
Last Tuesday: Auria was canceled, went to [livejournal.com profile] brilit's and played Sentinals and watched him play SWKotOR.
Last Wednesday: Don't remember anything? Oh, right, met my trainer at the gym at 7, so that ate up most of the evening.
Last Thursday: Dinner with Killbot.
Last Friday: Don't remember anything? Office Xmas Party during the day, killed time at the office until latish afterwards, don't remember why now.
Last Saturday: Dragon! We jumped into the trap with both feet, and are now establishing ourselves as a military power in opposition to the King of the Plains of Honor, which can only go swimmingly.
Last Sunday: Lunch with Killbot, then he took me to the airport for my flight, then swung by Brother's place briefly to see Sis-in-Law and Niece before they left for Xmas (and bro and nephew, but they didn't leave the next day).
Monday: Lunch with mom, shopping for presents for me with parents, dinner with [livejournal.com profile] jdbakermn
Tuesday: Xmas shopping, saw Fantastic Beasts with dad, dinner with Germany Chen. Fantastic Beasts was definitely fun, and it was nice to see a Muggle (Nomaj) main character. I do think the main characters were kinda haphazard (she used to be an Auror? Really?), but oh well. Call it eight days of game before being eaten by a Thunderbird.
Wednesday: Xmas shopping in SF, dinner with parents, bro and nephew.
Thursday: Lunch with [livejournal.com profile] izmirian and [livejournal.com profile] merastra and other-oldest-friend. Then some xmas shopping with dad.
Friday: Bummed around until evening, when Pho Sien and [livejournal.com profile] ricedog came over for board games. Played a lot of little/fast things I hadn't played before (A Coup variant, Grifters, and Fairy Tale).
Saturday: Dim Sum with [livejournal.com profile] countertorque and our families, plus ricedog. Then bummed around and took a long bath in mom and dad's fancy bathtub that no one but me ever uses.
Sunday: Christmas! Turkey dinner, then presents (only three of us, so pretty fast), then La La Land with Dad. I quite liked it. It definitely gets bonus points for doing several things that modern movies Just Don't Do anymore (starting with being an original musical), but it makes them work. It would probably only be an 8 or 8.5 without the bonus points, but with them, 9.5 days of game until getting killed by a fake memory packet.
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